Mo and The Purries


  1. That is a very pretty graphic you made for Miss Peach!

  2. She is a wonderful kitty!

  3. So well displayed... We are touched. Time for us to say some things about her as well...

    Skeeter and LC

  4. That is so nice Chloe!
    Poor Miss Peach is so very
    sick,I fear for her :(

  5. Oh, I'm sorry to hear we have a sick kitty...Please be well!!!

  6. Oh Chloe and Not the Mamma....I am so very touched by this pretty Victorian graphic you have made for me. I really am and think of you fondly and wish you blessings. I read your comment to Jake & deserve to have the blessing of love in your life...keep hope alive!
    love Miss Peach

  7. Morning sweet Mo! Guess what? I ate a spoonful for breakfast. just one:)) happy day!!!
    I love you and your sensitive spirit:) I still remember Ubee:)
    Miss Peachy
    almost forgot the canned update too:)
    I slept well and woke mommy crying in the hallway. She was so happy to hear my voice! I told her I was thirsty and she carried me to the counter and turned on the fawcet where I drank and drank and drank. Another can got popped open but I just snift I am sorry to report...but I drank a whole bunch and them gave some headbunks and went back to my blanket for another cozy nap. The sun is out and it will be a beautiful day here. I want mommy to stop fussing ever moment I move under my blanket. She jumps up to check on me....I heard he cry softly and whisper a prayer to have God send an angel to release me from this world if I was ready. My little body fights so hard...I am not going...and I am not afraid when I do...

  8. That's a lovely graphic ... We're purrayin' for Miss Peach, too.

  9. Nice design--we were heartened to hear that Miss Peach seemed a bit better today.

    Our mom thanks you for your kind words of support, but is sorry to learn that your Not-the-Mama is going through heartache too.

    Best wishes & purrs,

  10. Anonymous11:03 PM

    A beautiful graphic for Miss Peach! We are purri

    ng non-stop for her to get better. Today I was tagged for a meme for the very first time. I tag you for the Miss Peach Cherish Meme

    Purrs and hugs


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