Hi everybody,
Daphne here.
Not The Mama got back from his trip, and brought what he calls a "hed code" with him.
Which meant on Friday he stayed home from work and napped with me and Chloe, and today he says we're all gonna curl up together and watch movies.
For some reason, I have been clearing out all the toys from under furniture and out from my secret hiding places, and making Not The Mama laugh. He keeps saying, "Daffers, where did at come frob?" when he sees the goodies I've been dragging out for us to play with.
Anyway, this is why not so many posts lately: Not The Mama has a code, and I've been on archaeological toy digs.
We should return to normal posting here soon.
Meow for now,

Mo and The Purries


  1. thanks daf for letting us know about not the mama and your fun toy hunt! hope all gets better soon honey pie!

    hugs and kisses, auntie bee

  2. Awwwww, hed colds sux!

  3. Well we will start purring up some virtual chicken soup for Not the Mama!

    I think the idea of archaeological digs could be fun. Perhaps I will go and do that...

  4. I like it when My Lady doesn't feel well. It means she stays home and doesn't go anywhere. Can we say "snuggle time".

  5. I hope Not the Mama feels better soon!

  6. our Lady says that she hopes he feels better real soon. she says a hed code is sick. we like sick people - they're warm and they don't move much. our Blonde Girl is warm right now because she has the flew, except she doesn't actually fly and she's got no fev-vers. we've been cuddling her, but sometimes she dumps us off and runs to the human litter box room. we don't appreciate that part.

  7. Cool, yer bringin out all the toys for NTM to play wif while he isnt feelin so good. That is verry good Bein Management.

    Skeeter and LC


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