Leapin' Lizards!

Hello everybody! Not The Mama here - I'm back from vacation!
Yes, Daphne & Chloe and Spooker and Jazper were all very happy to see me!
My first stop on vacation was the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.
They are having a special LIZARDS exhibit,
and I took lots of lizard
pictures for our Daisy!

Here is the giant inflatable Komodo Dragon that you get to
enter the Aquarium through:

Here is a lizard who is more normal-sized.
Daisy could meet this one and not be scairt:

This was a pair of horny lizards.
They are small but spiny:

This one was about four feet long.
He was a pretty green color, but I think our Daisy
should just study him from the pictures,
because he looked hungry:

This is a Komodo Dragon. He was hiding behind some grass because I tried to interview him for Daisy. He said his name is George, but he wasn't too friendly. He was as big as an alligator and his belly was full. He wouldn't tell me what he ate, but it looks like all the kitty-cats in the cat blogosphere would fit in there! Be afraid, be very afraid, Daisy!

For more pictures of Not The Mama's visit
to the Shedd Aquarium,
please visit It's A Blog Eat Blog World

Mo and The Purries


  1. wow poor daisy. i was a little bit scairt too!!

    smiles, auntie bee

  2. just a little scary for kitties I am sure...

  3. Leapin' Lizards! I never knew so many lizards could gather together in one place. I would LOVE to visit that place, but I would refuse to enter the giant lizard's mouth to get inside. I am pretty sure this means that the museum is in the Komodo Dragon's STOMACH!!!

    My favorite is the green lizard. But he looks like he needs to have his toenails clipped. He can have my clawr clipper if he wants it.

    I can tell that the Komodo Dragon is hiding in the grass because he is up to No Good! Thanks for sharing those pictures, I loved them. I wish my Mommie would get home soon though.

  4. I bet Daisy is glad that you shared all these photos with her. Now she can learn even more about rude lizards!

  5. yikes! you went ta vizzit lizzerds fur yur vakayshun? what 'bout fev-vers? didja get sum fev-ver picshures? we like fev-vers furry much!

  6. We thought about getting a cute little lizard for a pet, but then imagined our naughtiest kitty Cricket sauntering into the room with his tail hanging out from her mouth. We decided to just admire them in the pet store. :) Glad you had fun Not the Momma and I'm sure you have a lot of Temptations to pass around to the kitties.

  7. That is kinda a scary picture!

  8. You've got to walk into the mouth of a wizard to get in????
    Oh my...you're bwave!

  9. What a fun vacation you must have had! I would love to go to an exhibition like that.

  10. I think I will only see lizaeds in pics like yours.They are much to scary to see for real.
    Welcome back :)

  11. Yikes! All of us would fit in that Lizard????????

  12. So cool~ glad you're back~ hope you had a good time!

  13. Wow, that giant lizard looks like he could eat ALL of us!

    Mom's been the the aquarium but she doesn't remember seeing that guy.


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