Wordless Wednesday: Watercolor Isis

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  1. FYI: This was a REALLY bad picture of Isis, taken through the store's display window. But I loved her blackness against the dragonfly fabric.
    So, I played with photoshop.
    First, I increased the contrast, then I used "paint" to erase some of the dust specks and fingerprints on the window that the camera had caught.
    Then I enhanced the color to 150% saturation.
    Then, I used the "watercolor" function.
    So - the moral of the story is: you can get an interesting, "artsy" portrait from even the worst/blurriest photos!
    The main thing is: have FUN!!!
    Oh, and I do not have "Photoshop" software as in the name-brand software, I have Microsoft "Picture It" which came pre-installed on my laptop. So, even with non-"photoshop" software, you can get great results!
    Not The Mama

  2. That is a lovely photo. Thanks for sharing how you did it. Often we see great photos and have no idea how to get them to render in photoshop.

  3. We love the picture. Mommy loves playing with all of the different filters in Photoshop in order to make interesting photos. This one is definately interesting! We likes!

  4. PhotoShop is fun! Isis, you are a work of art now!

  5. That is a very nice picture of Isis!

  6. Excellent job of "fixing" a photo!

  7. That is kinda spooky.

  8. That's the good thing about us black cats.We go with everything,heh,heh,heh!

  9. Beautiful colors, cute kitty~ can't beat that combo in a photo!


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