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The nice folks at Workman Publishing (from where Not The Mama orders lots of books for The Wren's Nest) sent us a review copy of Suzy Becker's "All I Need To Know I Learned From My Cat (and then some)."
Since the original publishing of this book, back in 1992, the book became a #1 New York Times Bestseller, and there are more than 2 million copies in print! Now, a new edition (that's where the "and then some" part comes in!) is out, with 48 new pages of feline wisdom. Plus a quiz "Are You A Cat Person?" that will get you laughing and saying "yep!"
Share the adventures and wisdom of Binky, the white cat in the cartoons in this humorous book, with bon mots like "the first one in has to warm up the bed" and "there is always time for a nap." The illustrations are touching, and the lessons imparted will warm the heart and soul (and funny bone) of any cat lover!
This book is stocking-stuffer sized, and would make a great gift for anyone this holiday season!

For more on Suzy Becker & Binky, visit these links:


Mo and The Purries


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  2. oh mommy LOVED the original one!

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