Backyard Sightings

Remember The Floofster?
I hadn't seen him in a long time, and thought he might have found another barn to haunt, or a new family. But last night, I saw him hopping across the tall grass at sunset, then sitting at the edge of my pumpkin patch, waiting for the night visitors.
Then this morning, I spotted the old Calico who I hadn't seen for an even longer period of time - not since last winter. I thought The Floofster had replaced the Calico as the next door neighbor's cat, but apparently they have two now.
I know I'm not home often to watch for backyard cats (they like to come to my barn behind my house for some R&R - the next door neighbors have 3 teenage boys and a yappy dog in a trailer - can you blame the cats for wanting to get out and having their own space?).
Anyway, neither of these cats would ever let me get within ten feet of them, and both seem to be well-fed. I can only hope when I leave this place that the new owners don't tear down the barn (it's not in the greatest condition) so that The Floofster and Calico will have some place to go for an afternoon siesta.
Ciao for now,
Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. I hope so too. We have a cat now that won't let the woman close to it and she worries about it whenever it comes in our yard.

  2. What a nice little story. You really do love all those kitty's don't you Mo. You big soft hearted teddy bear. Have a great day Not The Momma. :)

  3. I sure don't blame those kitties for wanting to take a break away from their house. It sounds, um, crowded and loud!

  4. I would like to run away to the barn, too, if I were those kitties.


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