The bestest day. EVER.

Hello everybody,
It's little Isis. Just have to tell you about the best day I ever had in my whooole life!
Not The Mama had someone bring up lots & lots of boxes from the basement on Thursday - he said they were "Christmas", whatever that meant.
Then, yesterday I found out what Christmas means - it means LOTS of great boxes and STUFF for kittens like ME to play with!
I got a whole styrofoam peanut to MYSELF and it was a WONDERFUL toy! I love love loved playing with it, until I discovered an egg. A little speckled egg in a nest - whoooo-hoooo are they fun to play with!
Then, Bessie came and was playing with the fake flowers - lots of stuff to play with there! I snagged a fallen leaf and ran around "like a banshee" with my new leaf in my mouth!
I tired out Jazper, so he got to go to the basement to take a nap.
Then, Not The Mama got out strings of lights (!) to put on the iron tree in the display window. I'm not sure what "lights" mean but strings is one of my favorite things! After a few minutes of me helping keep track of the strings, he grumped to me, "Isn't it time for your nap yet???"
But no - I got so excited that I went into the middle of the floor and started chasing my tail around and around and around and around - Bessie & Not The Mama were laughing SO hard, it was good to make them laugh, even if I got a widdle bit dizzy!
THEN Not The Mama pulled out a big long box - and pulled a whole tree out of it! He planted it in the other display window! Well, what's a girl to do? Of course, I had to climb it!
Bessie was trying to scold me (like I listened) but Not The Mama just shook his head. I did a SPECTACULAR leap out of the new tree, and Not The Mama made a "memo to self" saying "Guess we can't put any breakables on that tree" -- breakables? Oh, they sound like FUN!
THEN, just as I was getting a bit tired, then Bessie's two nephews showed up to help. They loved me! And I purred real loud for them! They helped with the wreaths - which I am REALLY good at jumping through! (I like to nibble on the green-wreathy-stuff too, but don't tell Not The Mama, kay?).
Then I ate a BIG bowl of stinky goodness - I deserved it for helping so much all day!
And then I curled up and took a nap.
Which is why I had to wait to tell you my BEST DAY EVER story until today, when I was waked up.
Hope your day is FUN today!
Little Isis

Mo and The Purries


  1. OOh that was a fun read! Do you know, it's my first Christmas?? We all get stock-hings. I don't know what they are but Trixie says they are really good. She's had them lots of times and hers sings cause it has a singing reindeer on it!

    Um, I just heard I am to have Peris'a stock-hing. You see, I am the NEW Siamese. They don't have the one called Persia anymore. Her's has an angel on it, cause she IS an angel now.

  2. Wow, Isis, yoo sure had a grate, fun, funner, funnest day! Good for you.

  3. Oh, Isis! I was laughing and smiling when I read your story. That does sound like a very wonderful day you had. And you even got a whole styrofoam peanut to yourself?!?!? WOW! I wish I could have seen you chasing your tail all around. You are very sweet.

  4. Ahhhhhh,youngsters! You were sooooooooo busy,I had to take 2 naps just to read all that you did! Heehee. I always like Christmas too 'cause Mom gets out all that stuff that is sparkly and fun to play with.Like light strings!!
    It;s so fun to watck the young kitties play.

  5. Isis, it sounds like you are having a wild time! Christmas decorations are fun. I love to pull them off the tree!

  6. Sounds like you are in the holiday spirit already. Have fun and Not The Mama won't get too angry if you break something. He's kind of partial to you guys. Have a great day. :)

  7. Oh Isis! That sounds like such a wonderful day. That is a best day ever story! I'm so glad you discovered Christmas! We like it here too. The trees inside are the BEST!

  8. Oh Isis I just loved reading about your best day ever! Kitties sure know how to have fun and it's fun for their "peoples" to watch them.
    Hugs to you and not the momma's other kitties too,

  9. That sounds wike soooo fun Isis!

  10. You had a busy day! Mum won't bring out the Christmas stuff here for ages yet.

  11. Oh my GOSH!!! You had the BEST DAY EVER, Isis!!!! I didn't know you were here! I went back and I read all the things they said about you, and you're JUST LIKE ME!!!

    I'm a Queen of the Universe! Are you too? I spent my first day going EVERYWHERE and getting into EVERYTHING, and I didn't let ANYONE stop me! It's IMPORTANT kitten stuff to do!!

    I'm so glad you found such a good home and and fun brother!!! I'm glad to meet you!


    Hi Isis!

    Don't mind Persephone. She's still a kitten too. Even if she's getting close to 2 yrs now! Congratulations on your new Forever Home!



    Thank you so much for sharing this! Wish I could've seen it, but your story on it was just about as good!


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