Chloe Update

Chloe is doing better, thanks for everyone who's asked about her, and for keeping her in your thoughts & prayers. She's still sneezing lots, but the voluminious saliva gushing has stopped, and she's breathing much easier.
She's eating normal food again, and her Temptations are laced with Lysine (click here to read more about Lysine), which I ground into a powder in a mortar & pestle, and then shook the powder in the bag of Temptations to lightly coat them. And this morning I snuck in her prednisone while she was Temptationally distracted, so that went down the easiest... in other words, she'd doing better, thanks!

Mo and The Purries


  1. Chloe is feeling better! The lace the Temptations trick would probably work on me too!

  2. It's so good to know Chloe is better. Our Fracas has had asthma attacks and they're really scary!

  3. YAY! furry good news! purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs

  4. We got some fish flavored Lysine from the vet, which the cats all adore -- they would eat it out of the jar if they could.
    But I never thought of buying it OTC. Thanks, Mo, this is a great idea and should save $$$$, too.
    My purchase was [ahem...] $28.97. How much was yours?
    So glad to hear Chloe is better.

  5. Stop it! You're giving my woman ideas about how to better poison me with the glucosamine! She's sprinkling it on stinky goodness, which I'm refusing to eat.

    Chloe, I'm glad you're feeling better. Watch out for that Mo guy, though. Why oh why do they try to POISON us???

  6. I'm so glad that she's okay. Whenever one of my kitties gets sick I always think, please let me take on the illness and let them be healthy. If someone in the household is meant to be sick I'd rather it be me than my furbabies. You're a good Not the Momma taking such wonderful care of your babies. :)
    Hugs and Purrs,

  7. you are such a great not the mama!!!

    smiles, auntie bee

  8. Oh, Not the Momma, dat is so dasterdly! Lacing treats wif medisin! Now you've giffen mom ideas...okay, if it's helping Chloe feel better den we gess it's alright.

  9. Very good news about Chloe!

  10. We are very glad that Chloe is feeling better!!

  11. Hooray! I am so glad Chloe is feeling better. At the shelter, there are two "sick rooms" for cats with any kind of communicable illness. Those cats get canned cat food with Lysine sprinkled into it. It helps fight the feline herpes virus (Rhinotracheitis)!

  12. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Glad Chloe is doing better! :-D)

  13. Auntie Spooker, my mom loved your comment on our post today, and she says to tell Not the Mama she fully understands about the Prophet/profit thing. She wants to know if Not the Mama has read the book "The Secret"? It's such a great concept and helps you to not feel crass about needing profits ... which I don't understand because I'm incapable of feeling crass about anything!

    Da Boss

  14. YAY!! I'm happy Chloe is getting better .It's good to know about the Lysine too :)
    Purrs Mickey

  15. Goodness, I just caught up on your blog, and it sounds like your kitties have been having a bit of a rough winter! I so glad Cloe and Daphne both seem to be doing better.

    Happy Holidays!

    Tara and Kavan

  16. I am so glad that Chloe is feeling better. You are very creative about getting her medicine into her, Mo.

  17. Oh Morgan you have had your paws full with the kitties haven't you. I will keep you ALL in my purrrayers right now. mommy still has me taking my meds and I hate spell H A T E them. But I am getting so much better so I should be happy and I am ....sleeping right next to her in bed at night is the best part of the day!
    I hope you have a wonderful ride into the new year...may all your dreams come true!
    Love Miss Peachy

  18. We are glad that Chloe is doing better! We will continue to purr for her.

  19. That's wonderful news. FAZ

  20. Good!!
    I'm glad she's doing better.
    I think Chloe is probably my favorite of all your cats (shhhh, don't tell the others), so it's especially good news to hear she's improving.

    And all I can think about after hearing "Lysine", is the "Lysine Contingency" they had on Jurassic Park.. :)


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