An Emergency Trip To The V-E-T

What a night.
I got home from work last night, and Chloe didn't greet me at the door like she always does.
I figured she was just sleeping, from having the sniffles.
As I sat down to watch a movie, she jumped up on me and I kind of freaked out. She was wheezing, gasping through her mouth, and a torrent of clear mucous was coming from her nostrils and copious amounts of saliva was dripping from her mouth.
To make a long story short, we went to the 24 hour Animal Urgent Care in Kalamazoo - a 45 minute trip each way, which did not make her happy. The diagnosis from the V-E-T was that it was probably an asthmatic attack brought on from the upper respiratory virus that clearly has been going around my house. He gave me prednisone for her, since no regular animal hospitals will be open for several days, and sent me home. Of course, this morning, when I went to give her the medicine, she disappeared somewhere in the house. She was breathing a bit better before she disappeared, although there was still lots of dripping from her mouth.
I have a short day at work today, then I'll be home to be with her.
Please keep my little Chloe in your thoughts and prayers today.
Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. So sorry to hear about little Chloe. Be glad when you can get home with her.
    We've got the same URI thing going around our house. My vet gave me some lysine powder to sprinkle on every cats food. Think that's working because I'm not hearing any sneezes or sniffles after a few days. You might ask your regular vet for that and some extra antibiotic, just to have on hand.
    Why do they always get sick right when everything is closing????
    I posted this on the CB and will add Chloe to the Pet Prayer & Praise blog as well.
    Purrs, Purr-rayers and Prayers,
    ML (and cats)

  2. Oh no, poor Chloe!!! We will send lotsa purrs n purrayers for her to feel all way better furry fast! And fur yoo all so's yoo don't worry too much.
    Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Gree, Pepi and Mom Robyn

  3. Extra Special Super Duper Powerful Kitty Prayers are on their way to Chloe from Parker, Puff, Powder, Rudy and even Diamond Doggy!
    Please feel better sweetie!

  4. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Good thoughts and lots of prayers coming your way for all your babies, but especially Chloe. Big hug to Not The Mama. :)

  5. We's purrayin' for Chloe and Not the Mama. Upper respatory mess is not fun. Our beans gives us lysine for this kind of mess.

    Purrs, and hugs from all of us at the Castle. We wants your Krissymouse to be happy.

  6. Lots of purrayers and I'll light my Guardian Angel candle as I do for any kitty I know is sick. Poor little kittybaby :(
    Love and Hugs,

  7. Oh poor Chloe! Lots of thoughts from the gang at topcatrules and Tigger the FBI cat also sends s hug!

  8. I'm sorry Chloe...we will be saying prayers for you. Take your med's, it will make you better. You get better now!

  9. Oh yikes, Chloe! We sure hope ya let the Mom give the medicine quick. Yall feel better after!

  10. Purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr.

    Get better Chloe, it ins't any fun to be sick at the holidays!.

  11. Purrs to you Miss Chloe! I hope you are feeling better.

    Purrs and more purrs and purrs to calm Not the Mama who is probably still terribly distressed and worried.

  12. Chloe honey, you HAS to get better - Chrissymas is coming FAST and you has to be healthy to enjoy your purresents!!

  13. Oh NO! Just what you needed. Very expensive vet bills. We sure hope Chloe and efurrybody else gets better very soon. We're sending lots of pawsitive thoughts, headbutts, purrs and snuggles. Get well soon!

    Luf, Us & Maw & Paw

  14. Poor Chloe and poor you! It's so frightening when they have a bad asthma attack. Predisilone takes only a couple of days to kick in usually, so I hope little Chloe is soon feeling much better, take care xx

  15. Oh noes!!!!!! This is too sad:(
    I hope Chloe will feel better soon.
    It does not help that she does not want the medicine .

    I will send big purrayers for her and Daphne too to make sure they get better.
    Purrs Mickey

  16. Poor Chloe! Poor Not The Mama! We was just readin that sum beans wif asthma react to live Christmas trees... If she has asthma an you gots a live tree, there could be a connection!

    Hope Isis an Jazper are back to normality soon, too. Purrs!

  17. Anonymous2:09 AM

    Keeping Chloe close to my heart, mo! I know firsthand that asthma is no fun when you have sinus crud!

  18. yikes! we're all sending lots of love & purrs to all of you. get well Chloe! get well Daphne! stay well Spooker! purrrrrrrrrrs!

  19. I hope that Chloe and the other cats all feel much better very soon. I will be hoping and praying for all of them and for you, too, Not the Mama.

  20. Oh dear! Poor Chloe, that sounds very terrible! I hope she feels much better soon. With the dripping saliva, it sounds kind of like a Calici virus. Does she have little sores in her mouth or on her tongue?

    I saw ML suggested Lysine, and that's not a bad idea. At the shelter, they just get Lysine tablets from the drugstore and grind them up to powder in a little food processor. If Chloe is having trouble breathing through her nose because of a thick mucus, you can get Little Noses which is very gentle saline nose drops meant for infants. Just put a few drops in the nostrils and it can help thin out the mucus. Sometimes it will also help the kitty sneeze out more of the yucky stuff.

    Good luck, and I hope Chloe is feeling better soon!

  21. Many purrs to Chloe, I hope she will get well soon.

    Meowy Catsmas to you and your family!

  22. Oh no! You must have been absolutely terrified through the whole ordeal! You must have been so scared to see her like that. I'm so sorry. I'm glad the vet was able to help.


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