Callie Update

Thanks to everyone who's commented & left suggestions about Callie.
Since Jazper was unrelentingly mean to her, I cannot leave the two of them in the same room.
He spends much of his days in his bachelor pad in the basement, so when he comes up at night, I have been taking Callie upstairs to the apartment with me.
This has NOT been fun for Spooker, Daphne & Chloe ~ but they're dealing with it.
Spooker yaks more (she does whenever her nerves are riled up) and Chloe is seething with jealousy. Daphne just crouches down and stares, wondering what the hell is going on.
There have been a few minor skirmishes, but nothing terrible.
But at least Callie is out of the way of Jazper's aggressive attacks. I was seriously afraid for her safety. Which is weird, because he just loves Isis.
I've had a few tepid leads on a new home for Callie, but nothing serious has come to fruition yet.
Keep your fingers & paws crossed for her! She really is a sweet girl!
ciao for now,
Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. Oh, I am purring very very very hard for Callie! I hope she finds a wonderful and loving forever home soon!

    (And that your home gets back to normal soon for all the rest of the kitties!)

  2. First, shame on you Jazper for being so mean to Callie. That's not nice at all. Callie needs a home too you know.

    I'm crossing my fingers and toes that someone will take Callie and give her a wonderful forever home. Bless you Not The Mama for doing all you do. :)

  3. I fink sum cats just don't get along! Bubbles didn't like Dobby, but took to Midnight Madness furry quick.

    We know sumone in Georgia who had great luck wif Craig's List an the feral kittens that moofed in wif him.

  4. I have a friend outside of Indy who just lost a cat, and I thought she might be ready for a new one, but no deal! So sorry!!!!

  5. Oh, we hope you find a home for Callie soon. Those posters you did are so good, we are amazed no one came to get her yet!

  6. Meowm and I will keep purraying for Miss Callie to find a good home. We will also purray for things to calm down in your household since Miss Callie has had to come upstairs.

  7. I hope she finds a good home. She is so beautiful!

  8. Sometimes two cats just do not get along well, and it is not a bad reflection on either one of them!

  9. Oh, I wish we weren't such a houseful and didn't already have a Callie. Your Callie is a beauty and looks a lot like ours. None of my other cats have ever been very fond of her, even though she's a sweetie, too. I wonder if it's a calico thing?

    Here's hoping Callie finds a wonderful furever home, soon. Someone mentioned Indy ... are you located in Indiana.

    (the Artsy Catsy mom)


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