The Inaugural Yak

yak (noun): hurled up semi-chewed cat food and hairball mass; ie: "What the hell did I just step in?" and "Oh shit!"
{See also: "Oh, Spooker!"}

Yes, I stepped in my first "Spooker present" this morning. It was cold and wet and soaked right through my freshly put-upon socks. Ironically, I was stepping towards my slippers! As you can see, from this lovely picture of my lovely carpet in my new apartment, it is perfectly yak-camouflage material:

Here's hoping YOUR day is yak-free.
ciao for now,
Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. oh honey! poor not the mama.... hugs to you honey pie!

    smiles, auntie bee

  2. Yak is good! Way to go Spooker!

  3. oh not the mama, that's too bad!
    well, at least the new place is more like a home now! hee hee

  4. we gots that 'zact same carpet! 'cept fur ours is 8 years old an looks like 4 people an 5 cats have worn an dirtied it ta death. yur rite - yak hardly shows up on the stuff. yesterday sumbuddy yakked early in the morning an the (formerly) Blonde Girl (who's home all day - home schooling) DIDN'T EVEN SEE IT ALL DAY LONG! kin you imagine that? the Lady hadta clean it when she gotted home. 'course the Blonde Girl mighta seen it an hoped that Midnight wood clean it up, but Midnight's been kinda picky 'bout what yak she cleans up recently. 'parently she duzzn't care fur kitten yak.

  5. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Hope the yakker is all better...

    Poor not the mama.... not the best way to start a day!

  6. Yakking is a wonderful way of showing we care. I yakked for my mommy in the hallway outside her bedroom the other night. I know she was thrilled.

  7. Daphne, I have tagged you for the 7 Weird Things about yourself meme - whenever you have the time - and are not cleaning up yak.
    See my post at

    Purrsss, Grace!

  8. Nothing like cat yak between the toes first thing in the morning. :)
    I hope Spooker's tummy is all better.
    Hugs and Purrs,

  9. Meowm says our carpet does hide some of the yak...but not all of it! Sorry to hear you stepped in it!

  10. We should be given free shares in Sard wonder soap, we use so much of it. We finally wised up and stoped buying expensive carpet cleaner, now we use a wet rag and a bar of Sard wonder soap.

    Yep, mom stood in it yesterday morning when she first got up. Thank God she had socks on. Trixie is just shocking at the moment with the heat.

  11. Heh heh. Maw steps in ours quite frequently. She also wakes up when she hears the "yeach yeach yeach", and that's when she says the stuff on the bad word list. But she doesn't get up to clean it up anymore. It has to wait for morning.

    Luf, Us

  12. Ha! I thought we were the only 'beans who carpet shop according to the "yak" factor!!!

  13. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Yuk. We do not like Yak. =^..^=


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