Several people have asked: now that Daphne & Chloe & Spooker live in the same building as Jazper & Little Isis, are we going to combine into one big family? The answer is probably yes, but not right now. For starters, Little Isis needs to be scheduled for her ladygardenectomy, and then there is the issue of Jazper's claws. I have some nice upholstered furniture, and he refuses to wear Soft Paws (okay, he refuses to let me, alone, put them on). Plus, I'm just not sure I'm up to the drama right now of combining (meaning hissing and thwapping etc etc) right now, so soon after the move.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. no advice, only smiles!!

    smiles, auntie bee

  2. Not the Mama, I think you are smart to wait a bit before trying any introductions. I am sure the move has already stressed out Daphne, Chloe and Spooker, so it is not a good time to add another stress. I would wait until everything is settled down at your new place before you even think about introductions.

  3. Anonymous4:25 PM

    I don't own any kitties...I'm 'llergic to them. I think as things settle down it will get better...

    I hope!

  4. We have separate offices at Artsy Catsy, too. We have a big two-story house; part of us live on the ground floor with one human, and part of us live upstairs with her sister. Our humans say it would be WAY too much drama to turn such a herd of adult kitties loose on each other! Heart attack time!!


  5. As you say,there is no hurry.Just let the kitties get familiar with the new place so they accept it as theirs.Jazper & Little Isis are already settled, so they are fine for now :) kitties will be busy ;)
    Purrs Mickey

  6. we agree wif efurryone - moving is stressful, so allowing Daph, Spooker and Chloe to calm down and get used to the new place would be best. And allowing Little Isis to recover from her ladygardenectomy without the drama would be good too

  7. You are smart to wait. There are lots of things that can ease the transition but I think that just by moving you and the three house cats probably all have enough on your plates!

  8. KC said...
    I've tagged Spooker fur 7 weird things about me. See tha details on mine bloggie.
    Purrs, KC

    The Denver Dumb League has some of the best advice for introducing kitties I have ever read. Go to that link and read!

  10. We've actually heard that it's easier to make introductions when the place is new to all the kitties. That way none of them feel territorial yet. However, if they're stressed about the move then maybe that's not a good idea. Dunno. All we know is that introductions go really really well, so long as none of your kitties are Grr.

  11. I think you're wise to wait too NTM. Maybe eventually you can introduce them all to each other after they ease into a routine. I know from experience it must be done slowly and with lots of supervision. :)
    Hugs and Purrs,

  12. wow! it sounds like you have lots going on. it is probably best for everyone (including you!) to take your time and go slow. being a cat, i know all about chilling out and taking things slowly.
    great job exploring first brave spooker. i can't wait to hear all about your exploring adventures.

  13. I have given you an Award on my blog.

  14. I'm with Grr. No New Cats. In fact, if anyone wants to take Victor off my paws...
    Change is bad.


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