Book Review

I received a review copy of "What Pets Do While You're At Work" by Jason Bergund and Bev West, published by Scribner.

This is a cute, glossy book, in the style of the Bad Cat & Bad Dog series of books. Basically, there are photos of pets, with humorous captions beneath them. While cute and amusing at times, I really didn't have any Laugh Out Loud moments like I do from the "Bad" series.
You can check out some of the images & captions at What Pets Dow While You Are At Work Dot Com.
Personally, if looking for a funny gift book for a cat fancier, I'd get them Bad Cat.
Just my opinion.
~ Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. There is nothing funnier than Bad Cats. Nothing!

  2. Thanks for the review.It's good to know these things.Besides we get all the captions we need at 'I Can Has Cheezeburger' :)

    Purrs Mickey

  3. I have a nice article on my site about a man who wanted to know what his cats are doing... He found out something very cool to know it... Have a look!

  4. I make fun of Ray Old Shepard Dog and look out the window mostly. Sometimes I go hunting in the cabinets. Bean can always tell when I've done that because I come out with cobwebs stuck all over me!


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