Just a note...

... Sorry I haven't been posting as much lately here.

Trying not to make every post a gloom & doom.

Jazper is driving me freaking nuts. He attacked Callie the other day in the basement - and I mean attacked like trying to kill her. I was keeping her in the basement at night, and switching them out when I open & close the store. (Callie in the store in the afternoon, Jaz in his bachelor pad in the basement during the day, then switching back at night). But the other day Jaz was in my arms and saw her and got away from me and attacked her.
She's been in hiding in the basement since. She's physically okay - I broke the fight up before he could hurt her, but he sunk a fang in my wrist while doing so. But mentally, she's pretty shaken up...

Jaz is not happy that he doesn't get to go to his bachelor pad down there during the day, so he's driving me nuts in the store with constant whining and knocking things over to get my attention.
This is making Little Isis more wound up than usual - just a minute ago, she was literally climbing my bulletin board above my desk here and pulling out push pins with her teeth. Any other day, this might be amusing, but right now I'm at my breaking point and her antics are annoying the crap out of me.

I'm going to try to get Callie up into the apartment today, and put her in the bathroom. It's the only space in the apartment I can isolate her. Because otherwise Daphne & Chloe & Spooker try to attack her. Seriously, what is it about her that brings out the worst in other cats?

No one seems to want to adopt her, once I say that she needs to be an Only Cat. Everyone interested already has a cat and they don't want to be going through what I am right now. But I don't want to lie, so I'm trying to be up front and honest.
I hate it that I'm thinking of taking her to a shelter, but frankly the stress is driving me over the edge.
Well, thanks for letting me vent.
~Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. What a shame. It must be awful trying to keep them seperated. Yikes. I wish someone would give Callie and forever home, and then things could/would get back to normal for you. :)

  2. Oh I was so hoping that everyone would love each other. Has she met Inkie? I wonder if they would be friendly.

  3. That sounds like a very stressful situation for everybody! I do not know if it works or not, but have you tried Feliway? I heard that the pheremones are calming for cats. You might need the industrial strength version...

  4. Oh Mo I am so sorry! This is not good for anybody. Are there any "no kill" shelters in your area? (I hate that name meaning that there are so many that do) I think if she were a kitten your kitties would be taking it better. You are doing your best, but maybe it's time to bring her to a nice shelter. I wish a miracle would happen and someone would adopt her immediately. You have all my thoughts and prayers and lit candles. Daisy's idea might be worth a try. I've heard good things about it.
    Oh, my ISP has been wonky with my out going e-mail. My addy is lfeecat@jasnetworks.net
    Blessings Hugs and Purrs,

  5. I hate to hear this! You have to do what you have to do. When the men in white coats come for you, there will be 5 cats with no home. Not to mention how you will feel if the others manage to hurt her. It's weird that such a sweet cat inspires such dislike in other cats. They obviously don't go for the same traits humans like.

    I have an idea! In the middle of the night, you could sneak her into the yard of the nice lady that gave you Chloe and Daphne and pretend you've never seen her before... Mo: Really? Someone left a cat on your doorstep? That's happened to me before, but I found her a nice new home!

  6. Oh my. I wish I had some advise for you. Does she not like other cats or is it just the other cats don't like her?

  7. I am so sorry to hear that. It is interesting that she's the cat who is getting attacked. I always wonder what it is that those cats DO?

    Purrs and I hope she finds a good home soon.

  8. mo mo think of it this way, if someone goes to the shelter and she is NOT there they won't get to take her, and even if the shelter tells them about her they would probably take one that was already there, so you might actually be keeping her from getting a home. just a thought... i love y'all...

    smiles, auntie bee

  9. Oh, I am sorry you are having so many problems with Callie and the other cats : (

  10. People who have just one cat might have better success.The cat,if it were docile too might not feel as threatened.
    A good shelter would work too.As she is young,that might work in her favour :)
    Do what is best for you. You have already done more for Callie than anyone.
    Purrs & Headbutts Mickey & Mom

  11. Anonymous12:24 AM

    Mo, you are asking what is it about her that brings out worst in other cats.

    I have many years experience with more cats households, and also have done some study and course at cat behavior. I am going to think out loud, my I can help a little, but from a distance it stays also a little guessing...

    More things can cause the problems in your house, but these 2 are the most common:

    Callie is a young female. Young female cats -spayed or not- can be a threat for other cats (individuals or close cat groups). In more cat households with males and females there is most of the time one alpha male cat and one female alpha cat, from those 2 alpha's the female is the boss, the leader.
    Callie's appearance can make the group unstable about leadership and cause the fight.

    Callie is overwhelmed by the other cats in the group, and even a bit afraid. An afraid, scared cat, a scared member of a group is a threat. In nature, one afraid animal in a group can bring harm to the whole group and will therefore be abandoned by the others. Always. In fight if necessary.

    Both reasons will not say Callie cannot live with other cats. In more than 80% of the cats who go to another home in a more cats household there are no problems anymore.

  12. I agree with Marlene. Riley seems to be exactly like Callie. The only one who currently likes her is her brother (littermate) Rascal. All 3 of the big cats now go after her. Grr does it because Queen Grr wants to Rule The World (though I think Grr would like to eat Riley too). Cocoa is a jealous and territorial little boy. Midnight is a natural born hunter and wants to go after any smaller creature that fears her and runs. Sometimes one of the big cats tries to treat Rascal they way they treat his sister, but they don't succeed. He stands up for himself, doesn't scream, and doesn't let them corner him. I think Callie would be fine with another non-threatening, non-dominant cat. In fact, I bet Callie would be great with Riley. Too bad they can't just go get an apartment together. I'm going nuts myself.

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