An Update

Thanks to everyone who left comments & suggestions on yesterday's post.
Very much appreciated!
Well, Bessie was able to coax Callie out of hiding in the basement.
Now Jazper can go back down there to his bachelor pad in the afternoons and Callie can spend the days in the store with me.
At night, Callie will have to be in the bathroom of the apartment.
This way, while there are some noses out of joint (Chloe is NOT happy that her morning routine with me in the bathroom is interrupted) there at least is no fur flying...
Keep your paws & fingers crossed that we find a Forever Home for Callie SOON!
Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. Well, I'm glad that is at least some peace now. I still have my fingers, toes and anything else I can cross that Callie finds a forever home soon. Have a great day. :)

  2. We've got the rotating cat thing going on here too. Grr spends the night in the (formerly) Blonde Girl's room. In the morning, if Midnight is feeling ornery, she goes in with Grr too. In the afternoon everyone is pretty sleepy and mellow, so they all can mingle without incident (mostly they sleep).

    We're going to send you lots of the new Temptations. Maybe that will help keep the peace. Are there any new flavors your kitties would NOT want? Otherwise the Lady's gonna pick up some of each today. We all like 'em better than the originals.

  3. Read your comment on my blog about being sick. That's all you need.
    We've got the rotating thing going on with Momma Tortie, too. She needs to be an only cat, or maybe be an established only cat before someone brings in kittens? Like we did with Missy. I know, we're honest about it, but I couldn't live with myself if I lied about it. I want them to get great homes.
    Anyway, hope you get to feeling better. I am still sick, two weeks later, but it is going away. This is the sickest I have ever been in my entire life.
    I made lots of homemade vegetable soup with jalapenos, garlic, red peppers, etc. and it seems to really help.
    Take care,

  4. We read about the fightin goin on. We can only offer our sad feelins about it.

    Well, sometimes certain kitties just cant get along an have ta be separated. An sometimes things cant be made happy.

    We know fer sure that no Bein EVER wants to bring a kitty to a shelter, but if that's what hasta happen, we want ya to know we unnerstand.

    Hopin that ya can find a forever home fer Callie...

  5. Good luck and we will keep on purring for a good home.

  6. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Further from where I stopped yesterday...

    We have ten cats living together very well. They are not all good friends, more friends groups, but if necessary all can be in one room and will never fight.

    Callie needs a new Forever Home VERY soon!! But there is no need to find a home where she is the only cat. The chance that exact the same happens in a next cat househould as in yours is so small. What happened to you, your cats, Callie, has NOTHING to do what you have done, or not. It is nature and bad luck.

    Really Mo, if you were living close to us, we would love to give Callie her forever home here, and I am sure it would have worked out very well!

    Callie is a wonderful, beautiful, healthy young cat who needs a loving forever home soon!

    Marlene (Ruis's staff)

  7. Gosh, I wish she would find a great forever home soon, that has to be awful for everyone!

  8. I just found this blog. I love
    cats and I will be back to check out more later. Spookers is a nickname for our cat Spooky Doo.

  9. I'm glad the fighting has stopped for now. I'm still hoping and praying Callie finds a forever home. Poor kitty... I know your furbabies aren't mean Mo, like Ruis said it's just nature. Cats are very territorial, (esp. boy cats.)
    Love and Purrs to everyone,

  10. My fingers are crossed for a forever home for that sweet kitty.

  11. Patty P5:07 PM

    De-Lurking here. Check around at local nursing homes to see if they could have a cat. She would get spoiled rotten.
    Maybe put up flyers if you have any retirement communities.

  12. we are crossin our paws ~the fluffy tribe

  13. I am purring and purring that you will find a furr-ever home for her soon!

  14. I am sorry to hear of the continued trouble. Meowm and I will doulbe up our purraying for Callie to get a home of her very own soon!


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