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Mo and The Purries


  1. Salar is spam Mo. Just saying. Miral is in my prayers. I went over and read her story. I hope she gets better and eats too. Have a great day Mo. :)

  2. Miral is in my thoughts and prayers. Mo, Sandee is right, Salar is spam. I got an alert right away when I clicked on it. Wish I would have read Sandee's comment first. I will have to run a scan.

    I would collapse that.


  3. Sandee & Kimmie - yep.
    I really hate those effin' people who spam your comment boxes like that!
    I was busy up-dating my google reader, so hadn't made it here to delete that one, but it's gone now!

  4. I have send my prayers too to all the sick cats around. I'm getting worried too with Miral not taking in anything now. She really need to take something to build up her energy to fight off this illness.

    Janice was also down with fever yesterday but after some med and lots of sleep, she's almost as good as ever again.


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