Thursday 13 Kittens:
Has it really been two years?

Hello! Last night, Not The Mama was telling me & Chloe about how it was just about two years ago that he found out his friend Kathleen's kitty was going to have babies!
When Mommy Mari had her kittens, Not The Mama was right there with his camera!
The first picture is of Mommy Mari and all us kids (there are six of us!) -- everyone says that I look just like Mommy Mari, and sometimes I get called Mini Mari.
Galahad is our brother. He's the ginger tabby -- the only boy, and the only ginger! Can you see who is to Galahad's right?

That's right! It's our little Chloe!
She was the only calico.
So there's 1 ginger, 1 calico and four terrific tabbies!
(one of them is me - Daphne!)
Here's Chloe's first close-up!

We grew quick, and liked to wrestle with each other.
Especially with Galahad!

But sometimes, sister to sister tabby wrestling is the best!

After a hard day of wrestling, it's nap time!
Do you see Chloe?
Not The Mama thinks that's the back of my head under Chloe's chin.

Hey everybody, the fat man with the camera is back!

We sure grew up quick.
Soon it was time for me & Chloe to go live at
our Forever Home with Not The Mama.
Our four siblings still live with Kathleen.
This is Macaroni:

Here's Charlie Girl:

And this is Shanti:

When we got to Not The Mama's house,
he sure took lots & lots of pictures of us!
Look, it's me!

And here's Chloe:

This was our first fev-ver toy:
It didn't last too long!

Our first official Forever Home Portrait:
Chloe & Daphne

Hope everybody has a nice, warm & furry Thursday!
Be sure to come back and visit us tomorrow -
it's our Second Birthday!
Meow for now,
~ Daphne

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  1. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Squeeee! You were just the cutest babies!

  2. Happy Purrfday Daphne and Chloe!!

    you all were such beautiful babies!!!! and Bill looks like Galahad!

  3. happy burfday honey pies!!! you sure are cuties...

    smiles, auntie bee

  4. How adorable you all are. I didn't know all this history about your family either. Tell Not The Mama he did a fine job here. Have a purrfect TT. :)

  5. Anonymous11:07 PM

    So sweet...great post! :)

    Loved all of the wonderful pictures.

  6. Happy birthday! What a joyful TT that was!

  7. Awww pretty kitties. Of course I'm partial to the calico. :)

  8. Anonymous1:59 AM

    Definitely the cutest 13, evah! So adorable.

  9. Everytime you post stuff like this, it briefly makes me want to adopt a kitten.
    If only I didn't already have three cats!!!

  10. Anonymous7:45 AM

    they are adorable!

  11. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Thank you for that lovely TT13! There really isn't anything cuter than kittens, is there? And then we grow up into beeeautiful cats. Bonus!!

    We told Mom that she should steal your idea for our birthday, on May 1st. Hope you won't mind ;-)

  12. Awwwww... I ♥ you sooooo much!
    That´s the cutest TT ever!

  13. Wow, so cute! Can I use some of the pics on my blog?

  14. I love those little kitties! Oh my goodness they look so snuggly!

  15. Now I want to adopt a cute kitty ;-)

    Happy TT!

  16. Such furry cute picture. And a happy 2nd Purrthday to you!

  17. Happy birthday! You were cute then and you are cute now!

  18. Those photos are so adorable! You are really lucky to have so many good baby photos. I hardly have any.

  19. Oh, you are all so precious! And you all have happy forever homes too! What a beautiful T13. :) Happy birthday Daphne and Chloe!
    Love and Purrs,

  20. Happyy PUurrthdays to you ~the Fluffy Tribe

  21. My Mum can't saying guys were such cute kittens!

  22. Happy Purrfday Daphne and Chloe!!!!

    Luf, Us

    Pee Ess. Tell Spooker the man in the blue shorts has something for her....

  23. What a lovely picture. I have never seen a litter of kittens that small nursing. That is so sweet!

    I am partial to Calicos. They just have a very special look to them. My Boo is a Tortie but I would add a Calico in a heartbeat if I could have another cat here where I live. Only one to a family....Boo Hiss...thats what I have to say to that!



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