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Isis went back into heat last night. I swear, the books say that you get a few weeks in between cycles! Holy crap! Up in the apartment at night, when she's in heat, she stalks Spooker. Like she has some wild crush on her, and we all know how Spooker feels about affection from other kitties - especially from yodelling, grovelling, persistent, love-struck interloping kitties named Isis! So, Spooker has taken to howling like a banshee whenever Isis is within ten feet. I had to turn on the radio (do you know how hard it is to sleep through an NPR pledge drive?) and the fan so I could sleep over the racket. If I don't get evicted from my apartment, it will be a miracle..
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Mo and The Purries


  1. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Mom says she doesn't miss having "in-tact" woofies. We had our surgery as soon as we were old enough. Perhaps you need some head phones.

  2. Hi Mo. Can't your V E T makes an exception? We made an appointment for Cricket as soon as she went into her first heat and she came out perfectly fine. I know what you mean about the noise they make. I'm surprised that you don't have a line up of randy Tom cats sitting outside your door. :) Poor Spooker! I can imagine her grumbling, "Get away from me you hussy!" Good luck NTM!
    Hugs and Purrs,

  3. goodness! Gramma Trixie had her surgery when she was 4 months old! Maybe things were different "back in the day". But the vets at the clinic I take the Meezers to say that the kitties can have their operations anytime after their 2nd round of shots. Bill had his 2nd shots and surgery on the same day. So did Miles.
    I hope that you can get Isis in soon!

  4. Time for a little alteration young Lady!

  5. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Poor mo... and Poor kitties.

  6. Oh no! Isis is a wild one. At the shelter, the spay/neuter procedure gets done as long as the kitten is at least 3 pounds. Since your vet won't do the procedure if Isis is in heat, it seems like you are going to have a very tricking timing with her!

  7. Opps....a few piwwows? and headphones?
    Would you wike me to go over and sing to you? I think I can dwown Isis's voice and Spooker's howls.


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