An Empty Bowl

At about 5am this morning, Daphne head-butted my hand until I woke up.
This is her "the kibble bowl is empty!" signal. Seriously, at 5am not even I was thinking about breakfast... and surely she was pulling an April Fool's prank on me -- the bowl was half full at midnight when I went to bed.
At 6:30, she was back, head-butting my hand. I scratched her ears for a moment, but she was having none of that. She sniffed my hair and went "wraow" right into my ear - I pulled the covers up over my head and went back to sleep.
Around 7 she decided subtlety didn't work. This time she jumped on my side and made me go "woof!" ... I slowly rolled over, rubbed my eyes, and woke to see a little black silhouette staring intently at me....

If Little Isis is hungry, then there really must be a crisis.
So, I got up. Sure enough, all the kibble was gone. I don't know where they hid it, but the bowl was empty. I filled it to the rim, then went to shave. Spooker and Isis got into an altercation over the kibble, and Chloe had to come sit on the bathroom table and tell me all about it. And about how she was so hungry, only Temptations would soothe the beast inside her.
Once everyone was fed, Little Isis jumped up on my shoulder for the ride down to the store, so she could have Second Breakfast with Jazper!

ciao for now,
Not The Mama
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  1. Oh my, what a hungry bunch of felines you have. You made me chuckle. Have a great day. :)

  2. Good job, Isis! It's important to wake the humans every morning so that we are properly fed.

  3. Isis to the rescue! Making sure the food bowl is refilled!

  4. Oh no! Do you think it was the Kibble Monster???

  5. little Isis, 2 brekfests is good!

  6. little Isis, 2 brekfests is good!

  7. Little Isis is quite the growing little girl, isn't she?

  8. Little Isis thinks she is a Hobbit dosen't she :)
    Purrs Mickey

  9. Maybe it is the moon or something. I cleaned out my bowl last night too. Mum wouldn't get up early either.

  10. I feed my three right before I go to bed and I always leave a big bowl of "crunchies" for them. But, still Cody must play leap frog over our heads between 4:30 and 5:30 am. Sure enough, he's hungry again and the other two say,"Sure I could eat, how about you?" "Yeah, I could eat something about now too. Hey, Momma, get up!" (sigh, I need a life.)
    Hugs to you and your kitties NTM!

  11. smart smart kitties!

    smiles, auntie bee

  12. Oh, food is soooo importint! We just read yesterdays post. How heavy footed are da upstairs naybors? Are dey playing thundering herd of elefents all day long?

  13. Oh, Isis sounds so cute... and Chloe coming in to tell you everything... nice cats.

  14. Wow Mo that reminds me of that funny catoon with the hungry kitty trying to get daddies attention as he is sleeping in bed...nothing works until she hits him with a bat then quickly curls up at his feet with a what's wrong with you daddy expression on her face!

  15. Your babies must be real hungry then. I think they are growing up real fast. I fed mine about a bowl of Friskies each meal. Now I'm feeding them two and yet they still gave me that pathetic look during my dinner... haha.


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