I'm very late in posting this THANKS, but I tried really hard to get a picture of the NEW Natural Temptations. I can't find a pic anywhere online, not even at Whiskas dot com! And of course, I stupidly deleted the pics I took of Chloe attacking the package when they arrived.... D'oh!
Anyway, The Lady from Grr, Midnight, and Cocoa sent us a care package of the New All-Natural Temptations. To say that Chloe loves them would be the UNDERSTATEMENT of the year!
Spooker and Jazper love them, too, but Chloe is insane for them!
Each piece is slightly larger than the original Temptations, so Daphne finds herself chewing them more and taking her time with them, whereas Chloe hoovers them up and I worry that she's going to choke!
Little Isis could care less about the new ones, unless they have Ranch Dressing on them! But I think she would eat dust bunnies if they had Ranch Dressing on them!
On behalf of Chloe and the gang, I would like to THANK Grr, Midnight, Cocoa, Rascal, Riley, and of course The Lady for sending us the Natural Temptations. Our grocery store's pet food aisle just got re-set, and they're not part of the new assortment, and I can't find them online either. If anyone else knows of a source, let me know, okay?
(Frankly, I think The Formerly Blonde Girl should start a shopping website and make some money off cat bloggers until Whiskas wises up and markets these babies nationwide!)
Not The Mama

UPDATE: Our friend Chance found the Natural Temptations on the PetCo website. (And they're on sale!) They must've just added them in the past few days, because they weren't on there last week! Thanks, Chance!

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Natural Temptations huh? I will have to tell Meowm to look for those!!!!

  2. we agree with you Chloe - YUMMMMEEEEE! have you tried Walmart? we hear they have them too (though every store around here has them). place an order with us any time and we'll send 'em over.

  3. pee ess: our Lady's outside kitty friend (the dark gray tiger) invited a guest to breakfast this morning. there's a tortie who's been seen briefly before that got brave enough to come to the feeding station today. who knows how many more will be coming.

  4. oboy, treats!!! that's like cake, right?

    smiles, auntie bee

    pee ess: i am soooo sorry i had the wrong name up today, senior moment!

  5. Mommie jus fownd dem on da petsmart website. Or waz it petco? MOMMIE go waz She sez jus surch fur dem an yoo will fins dem.



  6. we doesn't like the natural tem-tay-shuns as much as the original ones. Miles has a "thing" about opening his mouth too wide (maybe he thinks someone is going to steal more of his teefs) and the new ones is too big for him to chew. - Sammy

  7. Bean find them at Target. Maybe you could try Target? Publix (our supermarket hunting ground) not carry them.

    I don't care for them over the regulars but then neither do I discare for them.

    Just give me treat!

  8. I think Cody might like them. He has huge teeth! The girls are more fussy, but I'll give them a try. :)
    Hugs and Purrs,

  9. Natural Temptations?
    uh... what are the others then? *snick*
    I hope to try those new ones!

    'Mom! go to PetCo!!'

  10. A new treat? I must get over there...

  11. Grr, Midnight and Cocoa sent us some too and we haf to agree, THEY'RE THE BESTEST!!! I crunch all my treats, but it duzn't matter how big they are, Eric just keeps on hoovering them up.
    Purrs Flynn

  12. Oh those things are Yum-Delish!

  13. Natural Temptations sound good.I don't know if we have them yet.
    Mom,can you go look in the stores!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  14. Maw sez da local WalMart carries them here.

    Luf, Us

  15. Anonymous7:01 PM

    The ranch dressing thing just makes me chuckle.


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