insanity and isis

13 things Isis has done today to drive me towards insanity...
  1. She peed in the kitchen sink.
  2. She has become Spooker's stalker, and her constant stalking has induced Spooker into wailing like a banshee in the middle of the night.
  3. She jumped off my shoulder and ran up the stairs, thinking it was the greatest game ever, as I'm running late for a meeting.
  4. She walked across th;ltkrj[0oe909i[0;lkj; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; the keyboard, and deleted a picture I was trying to photoshop.
  5. She wouldn't leave the box of cat litter alone.
  6. She made me get out the vacuum to clean up the litter from the bitey hole in the packaging...
  7. Who puts free samples of catnip in a box of kitty litter? Don't they know this is asking for trouble?!?!?!!?
  8. She tried to make a break for it (to try and run up the stairs again) when I took Jaz to the basement, and a claw sunk into my palm. She looked at me (as I exclaimed expletives) like you kiss your mama with that mouth?
  9. She kicked out the wad of used tissue paper under the counter that she'd been nesting in, and proceeded to shred new tissue paper that I use to wrap customer's purchases.
  10. Since I wouldn't let her run up and down the stairs, she peed right there in front of the back door.
  11. She knocked over stuff in the display window while playing with her Babble Ball (which, fortunately, no longer babbles, as the batteries have died...)
  12. She killed a gnome.
  13. Did I mention she peed in my kitchen sink???
... granted, it was a short drive to Insanityville for me, but still...
Not The Mama
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  1. ONE DAY????
    This is one day's activities????
    And I thought the photo of Isis was scary!

  2. Oh, goodness ... That's a whole lotta stuff goin' on.

    Mom has been quoted as saying "and your blinker's been on the last five miles" to go with your "short drive to Insanityville" ... Usually in reference to our grandma.

    Better day tomorrow?

  3. Whoa....I think Isis needs to go to "Bad Kitty School"!!! I am feeling for you Not The Momma. I think I would have given her a Ta Ta on the behinder by now.
    Hugs to you,

  4. Whoa! Isis is a real wild one! I like her funny graphic, too. She really has the Crazy Eyes.

  5. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Who put catnip in a box of kitty litter? We want Mom to try that brand!!

  6. Mommie sez da litters beans prolly new dat da kitties wuld eets der ways to da nips an mayk messes an wastey all da litters soes yoo haz ta buys more. But Isis yoo iz wun cwazy kitteh! Evan I donna do all dat stuffs in wun hole day.

  7. you made that stuff up. i know it...

    smiles, auntie bee

    (and who DOES put a sample of catnip in a bag of litter? yeesh...)

  8. What a day! Isis, you're a match for That Thing over here!

  9. I did not pee in the sink, but I have been on a quest to check out the cabinets over the sink. I tried the overland rout from the fridge along the top of the stove hood but was thwarted because one of the cabinet doors was open and I couldn't get past it. Bean says I lack problem solving ability because I did not close it but that would defeate the purpose in being up there in the first place.

    Last night I was slinking along the counter contemplating jumping up into the open one, but I could not see where it was going to land and didn't want to jump blind. Very vexing.

    Then I clawed up a box, knocked things over and ran all over the house. Must figure out a way into those cabinets...

  10. When we took Cricket in to be fixed, the V E T said that afterwards she would become a "potato" and get sedentary and mellow like "most" cats. Um, not so much... It does get better with the wild ones, but patience is required. Poor Spooker! She needs to put the granny cat smack down on Isis! Good luck NTM!
    Hugs and Purrs,

  11. Oh dear, Isis, what is up? Do you have a bladder infection that you had to pee in the sink? Of course you are awfully active to be sick.

  12. Hey Isis, you sound like ya know how ta have fun and plus yur cute. Wanna get together an play some time? Just think how much we could destroy together!

  13. Anonymous1:59 PM

    OY VEY! That's all I gotta say about that.

  14. Personally, I think the sink is a great place to pee.

  15. At least there's bleach for such things...
    I think Isis has ADD! We had a friend whose cat loved to zip around and torment their dog. They called the cat action "zizzin'." I think it fits.

  16. Holy Smokes! Isis was busy, busy!

    She sounds a bit like our Rocky, although he hasn't peed in the kitchen sink....yet!

  17. Isis Honey,

    Gnome murder is wrong.



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