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Hello friends, Chloe here. Today's Photo Hunter's theme is candy. Well, being a kitty I don't eat candy. But Not The Mama says my equivalent is Temptations! And lookie - we got some in the mail!

Here is a little poem I wrote about the Kitty Candy known as Temptations.
By me, Chloe.

T is for the Tiny bites of crunchy goodness.
E is for the way I love to Eat 'em up!
M is for Me Me Me! They're all Mine! Mine I tell you!
P is for --- hey, Paws Off, Daphne!
Try and eat just one? Not me!
Any more where that came from, Not The Mama?
T -- another T? How about an H? As in Hand over that little bag an no one gets hurt...
I is for I saw them first, Spooker, go back to sleep.
Oh no, I don't have a problem. Really. One more, please? Please!
No really, I don't have a problem...
So sorry, they're ALL For ME!

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Mo and The Purries


  1. ohhhh nice poem chloe honey! very nice indeed!

    smiles, auntie bee

  2. Chloe we don't blame you. Temtayshuns are deelishus.

  3. I love the photo of the lip licking. :) Too sweet. Happy Hunting from CrAzY Working Mom

  4. Temptations are a great candy!

  5. Chloe ,that was lip smackin good!!!
    That is the best CANDY. Cat CANDY!!
    Purrs Mickey

  6. lol!! I not only loved the poem, but I loved the follow-up picture of Chloe with crazed "GIMME MORE TEMPTATIONS" eyes. :D

  7. Temptations are much more deliciouser than any candy in the world! I like your Temptations poem.

  8. You're so cute Chloe! What is it about those little crunchy squares that make so many kitties go crazy?
    Billie would eat a whole bag in one day if I let her. And I buy the big bags! Enjoy your treats, but try to share with your siblings. ;)
    Hugs and Purrs,

  9. Great poem, chloe! Has Not the Mama ever tasted one of your candies? Huh? :D

  10. Oh Cloe...your "post Temptation" photo is delightful, you look so happy, almost out of your body and on another planet!

  11. Wow...
    My cats have never had Temptations at all.
    If they start reading this, they are going to feel very deprived.
    I must keep them away from the computer!!!

  12. KC said...
    Nice poem, Chloe.
    An Ode to Temptashuns. hee hee.


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