Bio Recap

Thanks to everyone who read & commented on our Purry Bios here the past few days!
Our individual bios can now be accessed anytime by clicking on our collage pictures in the sidebar.
For those of you who have Blogspot blogs - did you know you can update any pic in your sidebar to be a clickable graphic just by editing in a url in the photo box? Very quick, very simple!
(Yes, Karen, this is another reason you should update your blog!)

But back to our bios - if there were any questions you had for us, or anything you feel we left out, leave your queries in a comment for us and we'll do a recap post.

Our individual collage graphics in our sidebar, as well as the collage header in this post, were created by Janna of Jannagraphics. She can create a collage for your blog, too!

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Mo and The Purries


  1. I loved reading about you all!

  2. hahaha! yup - our Lady's a little behind the times, isn't she?

  3. I enjoyed all the bios!! That is one of the nice things about the blogosphere, meeting cats and learning about them :) Thanks for sharing!
    Purrs Mickey

  4. We hafnt figured out how ta make some of the sidebar pictures links... Anny advice would be welcomed.


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