Impawtant Fund Raiser For Jade

Our friends Grr, Midnight, and Cocoa
are having a fund raiser for Jade.
Isn't she a lovely girl?
She's always had tummy troubles,
but now she can't eat without having the squirty runs!
And that ain't no fun!

The Lady has lined up some tests with a really good vet,
and that's where the fund raiser comes in!
Over at Grr, Midnight, and Cocoa's bloggie
there's a super-duper raffle going on!
Tickets are only TWO DOLLARS for a great prize package!

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Thank you for posting about her. She's such a sweet kitty, but she never even feels well enough to play. Her foster mom says Jade looks at her toys, lays down by them, and sometimes even sticks out a paw toward them, but just looks sad and sick. We want her to be happy and playful with no more tummy troubles.

  2. Pixie and I each got a ticket. I sure hope they can find out what is wrong with Jade so she can be happy again.

  3. Oh, that poor kitty! Billie can certainly sympathize. I hope they can figure out what's wrong and help her.
    Hugs and Purrrayers for Jade.

  4. This is a wonderful auction for a lovely kitty.


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