Tornado Warning Sunday

So there we were, enjoying a calm Sunday afternoon.... when suddenly the Tornado Warning Sirens go off in town. I had the blinds closed to keep out the sun - because it was a sunny day! - then when I looked out, I could see very dark fast moving clouds to the southwest.
I turned on the TV - we were indeed under a Tornado Warning - the tornado is one county over, had touched ground, and is on its way here - with a projected path 9 miles north of Niles, Michigan. Well, Dowagiac is about 15 miles north of Niles, and I don't like to take chances with tornadoes. I'm a midwestern boy and I've seen the aftermath of a tornado.
So, I'm now blogging from the basement (hey, it's nice and cool down here!) with 3 hissy cats in PTU's (Spooker, Daphne, and Chloe) and Jaz sitting here staring at me and Little Isis exploring.... at least it's cool down here!
I just realized I need 1) an emergency kit. I have no flashlight or anything in the basement - I did run up to the store and grab a candle and some matches (hey, if you have a candle store, might as well make use of what ya got, right?) and 2) I need more cat carriers.
Will post more after the storm goes by - it's really blowing and raining and thundering right now... with the power flickering....
~Not The Mama

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Mo and The Purries


  1. oh no i hope all you guys are safe there...

    hugs, auntie bee

  2. The storm is on our way to my part of the state next!
    It'll probably hit in another hour or so.
    I hope you and the cats survived with your important parts (and Temptations) intact.
    Good luck!

  3. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Meowzer, that sounds very scairty! Please stay safe! Mom says you should have a lantern; candles are dangerous in a storm! We haven't been through a Tornado but we've seen too many hurricanes.

    Love, G&G

  4. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, that sounds so scairty! I can just picture you all down in the basement like an adventure. Please stay safe! We have a big battery operated lantern for our hurricane kit. I think a tornado might be more scairty than a hurricane because you don't have any chance to really prepare.

  5. YIKES! Yup - you need lanterns. We've got 7 battery powered ones and 2 no-battery crank up ones with radios. We don't ever have storms, but sometimes a small plane misses the airport across the street and downs some power lines in our neighborhood. If you start carrying cute, decorative lanterns in your store, our Lady will buy lots. She's a nut for lanterns. But, back to you...(sorry for the rambling) BE SAFE! We're gonna go check on your weather report right now. Purrrrrrrs!

  6. Tornadoes sound really scary. We're glad you are all down in the basement to ride it out.

    We're realizing that we need to set up an emergency kit here, too. Tornadoes are pretty unlikely, but we have be ready for "the big one."

  7. Yikes! I'm waiting to hear from you that you are okay.

  8. Stay safe...and get that emergency kit put together!

  9. Glad you had a basement in which to seek refuge. Definitely get an emergency kit together - soon!

  10. Holy crap! That was a scairty time alright! Yup, get more PTUs and such. Although we only have 6 PTUs ourselves and Maw doesn't know what would happen to us if we ever needed to evacuate anyway... Goodness. Well crap. Now she'll have to work on that problem.

    Luf, Us

  11. Oh Mo I saw the warning for you yesterday! How did you wrangle your kitties downstairs? Putting frighted, cats with their legs splayed and claws extended into a carrier is not a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. You're very brave to be blogging. I would be too freaked out!
    Hugs to you and kitties!


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