Midnight Monday

Thanks for joining us here last week for Doodle Week!  
Daphne and Chloe are still on vacation in parts unknown, and Spooker is napping off the effects of being evil.  So, Not The Mama doodled me in here for Midnight Monday.
This is his first attempt at combining a doodle with photoshop effects (in this case "colored pencil") ~ what do you think?
Little Isis

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Mo and The Purries


  1. I like it - very cute!!!

  2. Not the Mama is a great doodler! We have enjoyed your doodles very much! Have a great start into the week!

    Hugs and a bit of sunshine from Egypt!

  3. Anonymous8:16 AM

    You are a very good doodler!
    Your kitties are very pretty!
    Thank you and Uncle Mo for visiting our new blog.
    And also thank you Uncle Mo for mentioning us in your awesome poem!

  4. Doodle week was so much fun!! What a way to learn to be creative.Mom dusted off her ancient Paintshop and discovered how much fun it can be :)
    Maybe I will do some things at House Panthers for "Black Friday",heehee
    Purrs Tillie

  5. Hey Isis...tell Not the Mama not bad!!!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  6. That's a great doodle of Isis, and we liked all your doodles. We tried but they were a disaster, so we scrapped them. The mouse seems to have a life of it's own when we try to draw lines.

  7. Great doodle! :) We hope we can convince our typist to let us participate next time!

    Thank you all for celebrating my birthday with me! I really appreciate it. - Dragonheart

  8. little isis, i think you are adorable!

    smiles, auntie bee

  9. Isis, I think you are so cute!!!!

  10. I think it's awesome. I just can't get the hang of doodling. I know, keep trying. Have a great day Mo. Big hug and lotsa lovies. :)

  11. We only gotted to doodle once this round . . . but it wuz still fun.

  12. Thank you for mentioning me in your little poem! :)

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Cool doodle! We cant do it at all...

  15. Oh! I wantz to be your frendz
    I wantz to haz manyz manyz frendz!
    I'll putz yer linky in my blogz!
    And check mine's
    Pleez be mai frends!

  16. Hi Isis...I fink you wook very pwetty!

    Miss Boo


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