Iams Dog Coupon

Along with the $5 Iams cat food coupon that I requested from Iams dot com, they also sent me a $5 dog food coupon, for the new Iams Healthy Naturals dog kibble.
If you want to try it, send me your snail mail address via e-mail (purr2dream at gmail dot com) and I'll mail you the coupon.
First request with full snail mail address will be honored.
~Not The Mama

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Thank you for the offer, but we don't have a woofie around here.

  2. I know we wouldn't use it. They get all suspicious about new dog foods and I can't permanently switch to Iams. Thank you.

    Sending you some (((hugs))).

  3. Coupons are always nice!!!
    I hope you find a nice doggie that can use the coupon!!
    Purrs Mickey

  4. I hope you find a woofie family that can use it!

  5. There are no dogs at my house but I'm sure that you'll find a nice one that will enjoy that kibble!

    Purrrrrrs, China Cat

  6. This is very kind of you. I'm sure some nice doggy will be very glad to get it.


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