Watery Wednesday With Spooker

A "watercolor" effect picture of Spooker drinking from her water bowl on the bathroom sink.  I love how the ripples are captured. 
For another picture of Spooker, please visit today's  House Panthers.

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Watercolor? That's very clever!

  2. The ripples did turn out very interesting. We still have so much photoshop stuff to try and learn!

  3. Another advantage of cats over dogs: If I put Mini's water dish on the sink she'd just stand on the floor and cry at me till I put it back down. With it on the floor it's in danger of being stepped on or kicked by the child as she runs through the house pretending she's on a broomstick.

    Anyway, It's nice to see Spooker and the ripples are cool.

  4. Ooh, that's a pretty cool effect!

  5. It is almost like a day at the beach with the waves coming in!

  6. That's lovely! And how nice that she drinks the water directly from the bowl. Grr and Rascal have to scoop their water onto the floor before lapping it up.

  7. I have a water dish by the bathroom sink too. Great kitties drink alike.

  8. Oh wow, that's pretty cool!

  9. When I visited, I remember seeing the water dish on the bathroom sink.
    At first I didn't realize it was actually the water dish for the cats to drink out of. I thought "What an odd place to have a kitty water dish"...
    Cuz, y'know, most people have them on the floor, next to the food dish. :)
    I guess the advantage here is that it's more convenient to fill up, huh? Is that why it's kept on the sink?


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