The Girls Are Home

Inkie is back home with Bessie, and Isis is sleeping on the couch next to me as I type this.  Both are doing well.  When Isis arrived home, the first thing she did was go use her litter box - she's picky about where she 'goes' and I imagine she's been holding it for a while!
She didn't look like she was up for a picture to be taken, so I'm re-posting everyone's favorite pic of Inkie here. 
Other than walking a little funny and growling at Pete - you should have seen the "what did I do?" look on his face - she is her normal self.
Thanks for the comments and prayers and thoughts for my little girls. 
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  1. I am ever so glad that everyone is well! YEAH.

  2. we are happy that the ladygardenectomies wented well!!!!

  3. We are so glad Inkie and Isis are home and recovering from their ladygardenenectomies!! Purrrs and hugs to them both!
    Your FL furiends,

  4. We are so glad both Isis and Inkie are doing so well!

    Ruckus asked me to tell you that she managed to break her stitches being too active and she had to go back to the VET a second time. That made her very unhappy! Please remind Isis to behave herself so she does not do the same thing.

  5. We're so happy to hear that they're both doing fine!

  6. Yippeee We're so glad everyone is home and that they are both doing so well!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  7. Anonymous8:45 PM

    So glad everyone is doing well. I understand the picky litterbox thing. Sometimes you just can't "go" in strange places!

    I'm like that too!

  8. I don't like strange litter boxes either! Especially if they're in a gas station out in the boonies!
    I love all the kitties - they each are so distinctly different, but there's just something about Isis that makes my heart really happy!
    She's such a cute little fur person...

  9. We is glad that they are well!

  10. Oh good they are home. Lots of love to them.

  11. Glad that Isis and Inkie are home and everything went well.

  12. That is a great picture. I haven't seen it before. I'm so glad she's home safe.

    Maxy won't "go" at the vet's either and he seems to get pickier as he gets older.

  13. I'm glad the girl kitties are all better! That is a very funny picture of Isis.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  14. Anonymous7:40 AM

    We're glad the girls are home and doing OK. We'd be suspicious of a foreign litter box, too.

  15. Yay for good gardenectomies! Whoo hoo!

    Luf, Us


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