Sorry, Not The Mama,
It's A Straight Thing

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A few weeks ago, Not The Mama was interviewed by a repurrter for the New York Times about men and cats.  Unfortunately, the reporter wanted only to talk to straight dudes who lived with cats.
The repurrter also wanted to know about the Cat Blogosphere and the number of men (presumably straight) who were Cat Bloggers.  The article, entitled "Sorry Fido, It's Just A Guy Thing,"  got published, with no mention of Not The Mama or the CB.  Oh well, we love him all the more because he talked to the repurrter about us!
Purrs and Headbutts,
Daphne and Chloe
and Spooker and Jazper
and Little Isis and Petey

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Okay, what matters if you are straight or gay and living with cats? What? Not The Mama is wonderful and that's that! We all know how much you love him too. Have a purrfect day. Big hug to Not The Mama. :)

  2. well that was certainly their loss. buggers...

    smiles, auntie bee

  3. The love of cats is the important thing!

  4. Well good grief. Too bad he couldn't just mention you.

    Luf, Us

  5. I agree . . . it was their loss!

  6. I think he should have changed the article just to focus on Not the Mama...

  7. That's just not right! Bad reporter! Bad! Should he ever come around looking for another story in the future, use him as a scratching post!

  8. Thats too bad about not gettin in the noospaper! If we got The New York Times, we would cancel it...

  9. So you're saying the New York Times wrote an article that was biased? Like that's never happened before...

  10. Ha, ha, ha! The above comment cracked me up!
    If dude couldn't write about you and your furpersons, then dude shouldn't be read!

  11. Well! What weenies! Why does it matter whether the dude is straight or not? Sheesh!!!

  12. What a stupid biased reporter! Hmph!

  13. Whicky Wuudler7:16 PM

    What a shame that the reporter was so lazy in feeding into cheesy stereotypes. Props to NTM for promoting you all though :)

    *raises tail and sprays on silly reporter*

  14. Anonymous11:38 PM

    Well doots on them. We luvs ya just the way you are Not the Mama!

  15. that engineer who did that hysterical video (Engineer's Guide to Cats, or whatever it was called) is STRAIGHT? I thought he was gay, my daughter who spends most of her time with gays thought he was gay, and my other daughter who IS gay thought he was gay. Is our Gaydar completely off on this one?


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