I found this picture of baby Daphne when I was searching for submissions to the Cat Blogosphere Calendar.  One of my favorites of her!
Look at those ears!
The past few weeks, Daphne has been terrified of Little Demon Isis.  Chloe, for some reason, has not been continually attacked by Isis, and has made a kind of peace with her.
Daphne and Spooker, on the other hand, have been staying mostly in the bedroom when Isis is in the apartment.  Isis goes to work with me in the day, so they can come out of the bedroom, and Isis and Pete get locked up in the bathroom at night so we can all have attack-free overnights.
Daphne has never been so skittish before, and I'm frankly surprised she lets Little Isis bully her.  Spooker, I'm worried about - she is getting older and is losing weight, and I wish she'd just put Isis in her place and regain her Queen Of The Realm status.
Today, I took Isis down to the store to be with Jazper, and Daphne has come out and is actually playing with Chloe.  Spooker came out long enough to get a drink, then went right back in to her heated bed.  I've tried to coax her out with Temptations, but to no avail.  I just don't understand what happened to Little Isis when she got spayed - she is very maternal and playful with Pete, but has turned into an attacking demon with Daphne and Spooker.
Anyway, I got my submissions into the calendar of my six kitties, plus Inkie.  I think Bessie will get a big kick out of Inkie being submitted to the calendar, and it will make a great gift for her!

Don't forget: Today is the last day to send in your photos for the 2009 Cat Blogosphere Calendar! All blogging kitties are welcome!
Send your pix in so you can be included in the calendar.
You can just e-mail them to sanjee AT catblogosphere (dot) com.
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Mo and The Purries


  1. Hey Mo.

    My little Pete needs a collage! He is special also... meow... Not the momma get on the stick.. or at least give him a cameo on the side bar... I auntie Callie luvs Petey

  2. What a cute kit you were!

  3. Daphne is too cute!! She still is ;)
    Didn't you have Little Isis as a little devil in a doodle this week? heh,heh,heh. That's your answer !
    Purrs Mickey

  4. It's hard when the kids don't get along... When Mini was a puppy we had to watch them every moment but now that she's all grown up Maxy has decided he LIKES her, a lot.

  5. What an adorable picture.
    Yup, when you've got a lot of kitties, photo hunting for the Calendar takes some time. I just got ours in, too.
    And Faith Boomerang is due for her ladygardenectomy next week, I don't want to hear that about how Isis "changed". Faith Boo is terror enough right now.

  6. Anonymous7:03 AM

    She was loaded with kitteny kyoot! We submitted our photo for the calendar!

  7. She's got that "Whatchoolookinat?" face on! Too cute and yes, those ears are adorable!

  8. Little Isis has been taking the Grr Home-Study Course - didn't you know? She just passed her midterms with flying colors, and Grr says you should be looking for an "A" on Little Isis's report card!

  9. My mom says that I also had a few big ears when I was a kitty, muahahaha!

    You can see my ears here:

  10. When the kids were younger they each had a cat. Our resident cat was "Fletcher." He took off - too many ladies, I guess. A couple of weeks later, he showed up again. Then gone for a few days...this happened several times and then he just stopped coming home. That was back in the day when you still let your kids outside to play.
    Daphne reminds me of him a little bit. What an adorable young lady.


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