Secret Paws is Coming!

Diva Kitty & the Fluffies and Uncle Mo & the Purries would like to invite you to join us for a fun celebration of the season by participating in Winter Secret Paws.
It’s kind of like having a Secret Pal or Secret Santa.  All pets are welcome to participate, not just kitties!

Secret Paw - How it works

You e-mail us your information, we’ll swap it with another Secret Paw and you’ll receive a goodie from your Secret Paw in the mail by December 31st.

The Rules:
  • If you are not in the US - That’s OK. We’re going to try to match up Secret Paws in appropriate countries.
  • Please keep the gift to $7-$10 max. Our hope is not to make people feel like they have to purchase something big. A card, homemade item or can of Stinky Goodness will work. We just want to have FUN!
  •  Please email us at if you'd like to participate.  All the guidelines and what info you need to e-mail us with are at the Secret Paws blog.
  • Please send an email with the above information by November 24, 2008 AT 11:59PM P. T. DKM & Mo will partner everyone up and send you via email your Secret Paw by December 1st.
  • Please send your Secret Paw a small fun item (cost $7-$10) so that it arrives by December 31, 2008.

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Mo and The Purries


  1. I love Secret Paws! We already signed up.

  2. I's signed up too!
    Its my favorite time of the whole year! Mine mombean and I talks and talks about what to get for my some critter special.

    I hopes everyone joins this year.

  3. Oh, I'd bet Oscar would love to have a Secret Paw! :)

  4. I's got to sign up, keep finking i's do it later.
    I will do it later, I promise.
    Love & Purrs,


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