Way Up High!


Not The Mama took this picture of me with his camera phone and uploaded it to Photobucket .  He said this is a way to make a 'not so great' picture turn into something fun.  Whatever that means.  He blathered on about using the 'geek curves' and 'cartoon' features, if you really want to know.  I didn't either.  I just wanted to get to the highest place in the store I could get.  This was pretty high.  I had to step on the fax machine to get here and make it go BEEP!
I've been hissing at my brother Petey since he got back from the vet's - he smells like that place! And Not The Mama keeps saying "Oh, Isis, get over it!"  What do you think, should I just get over it and make peace?
Meow for now,
Little Isis
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Mo and The Purries


  1. Ha, ha...cutie pie! Love the effects - it's hard to make Isis' eyes any bigger.

  2. no. i thinks you be very wary and no makes up. you never nose, it could be trick to take you to vets next!

  3. no ... don't get over it ... keep hissin an hissin becuz petey probublee duz indeed stink frum dat place. dat kitten joba still stinkz an will furever. dat'z it.
    i reelee like dat pikshur. mi mom cooda yoozed dat infermashun wen takin dat remarkublee bad pikshur uv me walkin down da hallway in mi las post.

  4. I like how you changed the picture! I'll have to try that at Photobucket! Hopefully, Petey won't smell like the vet too much longer!

  5. Isis, I just love your wacky big eyes!

  6. High places are goooooooooood! Dunno about that photobukit thing tho.

  7. Quite cool. High places are good places.

  8. Anonymous10:42 PM

    That would be good idea...

  9. All of your photos look pretty, Isis ... I don't understand computer-techie-geek, either.

  10. I HATE the V-E-T smell too!


  11. Thanks to modern technology, one can have the visual experience of getting high without the chemical experience :)

    But I'm sure we'd all miss the catnip.

  12. Werk the vet smell thing a day or two, then let it go. You will get control points ofer Petey, an then "good points" from the Beins for "letting it go".


  13. This is a marvelous picture! Isis you are adorrrrable and up high!

  14. Oh Isis!!!! I just love jazzed up pictures!!!! Love those eyes :)
    Purrs Mickey

  15. Dats a cool picture. I'z gonna have to tell Daddy bout dat photobucket place.

    You'z gots to trust your nose, and not gets over it. You'z nose is gonna tell da trufh all da time.

    Tanks for cepting my'z adverts tingy.

  16. Ewwww, no one likes doctor office smell. What Petey needs is a good bath, them he'll smell like himself again.

    Your friend

  17. I can't climb yet. I like yer blog. Bye.

  18. Anonymous8:18 AM

    We think you look lovely up there, Isis! Nobuddy likes Vet Stink, but it will wear off soon. We are very glad Petey is home and is hoohaless. It's a good thing.

  19. You look very cute indeady up there!
    So Petey is hoohaless now - I am glad it went well. Alfie will be having his done soon! (broahahahahahaha!!!)

  20. Cool photo Isis! We think you should make peace with Petey!!
    Your FL furiends,


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