13 Things Not The Mama Said
To Us This Week

  1. What are you doing up there?
  2. Hold still, let me get that eye goopy.
  3. Don't tell Chloe you found a Temptation under her pillow.
  4. What are you two doing???
  5. Hold on, I'm working on it...
  6. Please tell me that wasn't a flea.
  7. If you chew on that you're gonna poop glitter.
  8. Please don't barf in your water bowl tonight...
  9. You're gonna get wet...
  10.  Hello, snugglebunny.
  11. Go fetch!  Now, bring it back to me...
  12. I told you you'd get wet.
  13. Are you supposed to be up there?

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Poop glitter? oh no!

  2. You throw up in your water? That isn't good. It's better to vomit in your food dish (especially if there's lots of food in it so they have to give you freshies.)

  3. glittery poop? COOOOOOOLL!!! - Billy

  4. hahahahaha poop glitter!!!!!! that iz sooooo funnies!

    and my mommy said hello snuggle bunny to me too! and cuddle muffin. i iz neither of those things but sometimes i lets her thinks i am

  5. Hehehehehehehehe!!! Those are some pretty funny things to say!!
    Your (freezing) FL furiends,

  6. *LOL* I'm laughing 'cause I've said most of these to my kids!!! Bwaaahhhhhaaaaaaa!!!

  7. It sounds like never a dull moment at your house!

  8. Sounds familiar, tonight was..."stop putting the bitey on my hand"

  9. Some of those sound familiar!!! I don't like to get wet,so I never hear that one,hahahahaha!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  10. Momma's laffin at yur list! Sounds like our housie! hehehehehe

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!


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