Fire Isis

Today's Manic Monday word is "fire."
Sometimes Not The Mama says I run around 
like my tail is on fire.
I do not think having my tail actually on fire
sounds like a good idea, but he said he was 
speaking meadows-of-for-ickly, 
whatever that means!
Hope you're fired-up today!
~Little Isis

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Anonymous9:19 AM

    "speaking meadows-of-for-ickly"

    I get it! Bwahahahahahahaha!

  2. You look great little Isis! Your person is a very good doodler! And I'm glad blogger let your blog come back for us. It was being a pill yesterday...

  3. Wowie, Isis! You really got wild and fiery eyeballs! Harley's eyeballs look like that when he acts all crazy and running around, too.

  4. Happy MM! Yes...your observation is indeed very cute...

    I invite your blog readers to my tribute firefighters with a focus on historic fire chiefs around the nation.

    peace, Villager

  5. I loves this pictue of Isis! Those eyes got me!


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