Bird Watching

When we had our own house, we had sliding glass doors that looked out on a deck where Not The Mama would feed the birdies.  My sister Daphne and I LOVED to watch the birdies there.  Apartment life, with no deck and no birdies - well, it ain't the same!
My favorite bird to watch was the Mourning Dove.  Here's a picture that NTM took of a Mourning Dove a couple springs ago:
Mourning Doves were bigger than most of the other birds (bigger is better, right?) and they spent lots of time on the deck, tantalizing me. Along with the doves, we would get chickadees and goldfinches and cardinals and red-winged blackbirds and juncos and downy woodpeckers and robins, too!   I miss my birdies.
Meow for now,
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  1. I miss the birdies too. My development is so new, the trees are very small - not much taller than I am - so the birdies don't hang out much here yet. Maybe in 10 years or so, when the trees are big enough to sustain birdies.

    Tink *~*~*
    Colorful birds from Orlando, Florida

  2. My investor put a bird feeder out in the yard to attract the birds.... but they aren't showing up anymore! I wonder why...

    (P.S. She's still thinking about getting chickens. When your Not The Mama had chickens, did you eat eggs??)

  3. We see lots of those mourning doves, too! They go "hooooo-hoo-hooooooooo! Hooooo! Hooooooooooooooo!"

  4. Tell not the mama you want to see the menu.

  5. We's haf tha morning doves here in ours yard. We spend tha morning watching 'em, chittering an thumping our tails (loudly).
    An we's gotted those big mean Mockingbirds wif nests nearby. They will dive at ours window if we watches 'em too much.
    Hee hee,

  6. We love watching Mourning Doves!! There are many here in Brooklyn, and we stare at them sitting on our fire escape.

  7. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Yes, my kitties miss their backyard with trees and birds and squirrels...nothing going on in the tree-less city.

  8. Once upon a time I had cats and they would make this weird sound while watching them through the window.

  9. I bets you guys really miss the birdies. LociLu my sisfur has been hearing the birdies lately out our windows and she gets momma to put her up to the window to watch.

  10. I bet that you do miss the birdies. It sounds like you Neall know your stuff about birds. We just know them by colors kind of.

  11. I love watching birds. I can't wait until the weather is a bit better so that they come around again!

  12. Oooh, dat pitchur made my teeth chatter! We git birds like that in our yard all the time. Once thay came walking up to the window!

  13. Chloe, What a, that is a pretty birdie! That's some great eye candy for kitties - bet you do miss your birdies,


    Gypsy & Tasha

  14. All I get are Mouring Doves and chickadees. Mini likes to watch both, but I haven't been buying bird seed lately so she only has deer to bark at.

  15. You'll get it someday! Just keep you eye on him!

    Fluffy and Bonkers


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