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Yesterday I got to nap with Not The Mama in the afternoon. I didn't even mind when he woke up and snapped this picture of me with his cell phone.
Do you like to nap with your bean and use their hand as a pillow?
Meow for now,

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  1. Anonymous10:33 AM


  2. we loves to use the beans head, hands, lap, wherever is cozy! for our pillows too!

  3. I love afternoon naps with my Mommie!

  4. Oh yeah...we love using bean body parts for pillows!

  5. Isn't that what human's hands are for? I mean, when they're not feeding us, playing with us or scritching us?


  6. Um, I use mom's, er, boob as a pillow during afternoon naps...is dat wrong?~Speedy
    I like to make her turn her foot sideways and use da inside of her ankle. I just put my little head in da hollow and zzzzzzzzz~Sadie
    I don't do naps wif mom, if she wants to nap wif me she knows where I am.~Zippy

  7. yes, i loves to sleep on My Mama, but i uses her frontal appendages for pillows! you should furgive ntm for taking that picture--you are furry super-cute in it! ---xingxing

    i like to sleep on mom's upper left arm when she sits in her chair. i massage her neck an' hairs until i gets sleepy, an' then i just rolls down the arm towards her dunlap an' zonks out on it! ---ed

    i sleeps between her shins when they's stretched out on her recliner. but mostly, i prefers my dad's lap. ---nitro

  8. Dante likes to use my shoulder as a pillow when he's napping next to me when i lie down for bed.


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