Spooker's Side Of The Story

On Friday we're going to be announcing a special event for Spooker. Until then, let's see what she has to say...
Not The Mama

Greetings to readers of Purrchance To Dream,

I am Spooker, the formerly beloved of Not The Mama, whom those vile usurpers call Auntie Spooker. Let me just set the record straight right here: I am NOT their aunt.
I was the Center Of The Known Universe until they came along. Now, I am portrayed as the villain to their mischievous little cutieness, when in fact I am the victim of their invasion.
Let me tell you my story...

Not The Mama and The X discovered me at an animal shelter in Dayton, Ohio. I had been left in a shoe box on the shelter's door, and the shelter people took me in from the cold. They told Not The Mama that I was probably a runt of a litter from a breeder of Russian Blue cats.
During the time of my stay at the shelter, I was called Grady.
Not The Mama had come in search of an adult female cat to adopt, but were asked to wait in a small room while appropriate cats were sought. In the meantime, they handed Not The Mama a little grey ball of mewling fur (that would be me), and instant love sprang up all around.
By the time Not The Mama signed the adoption papers, he called me Spooker.

For over ten years, I was the Only Child, The Center Of The Known Universe, a role that I relished.
I got to sleep anywhere I wanted, eat whenever I wanted, and I certainly never had to share a litterbox!
My favorite time of the day was at bedtime, when I got to climb up on Not The Mama's chest while he read in bed -- I got the best ear-scratches then!
My entire world, as well as most of my sanity, came crashing down that fateful spring day --- when Daphne and Chloe were brought into my home.  It got worse when that Truly Evil Demon Isis arrived on the scene, and let's just say my nerves have never been the same since Pete invaded MY space...

Now, attention and love is divided. While Not The Mama tries to divide his affections equally, I see him holding the one known as Chloe and I see that loopy purr-happy grin on her face as she sucks away his attention from me like an evil little succubus.  I have to stake out the bed early to beat Daphne there, and playtime that used to be ONLY for ME is now devoted to the antics of a festering boil - er, I mean tuxie kitten.
So, gentle readers, can you see how a formerly contented cat has been turned into a bitter, hissing victim in her dotage?

And I refuse to listen when Not The Mama tries to reason with me by saying, "If you'd only try to get along with them, you might enjoy their company..."
Reason? Enjoy? I hisssss at the thought!

Please know, I wasn't always this bitter and resentful.


Remember me in my glory,
I was once The Center Of The Known Universe!
Oh, those were the days....
Respectfully yours,

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Oooh, poor sweet kitty. If I ever got another (would require a modern medial miracle... or a lot of Benadryl) I would want a grey softie just like Spooker.

  2. Spooker, I know it must very difficult to share anything, let alone your Not the Mama! Gandalf and Grayson still insist on both being in my lap!

  3. Ah, poor Spooker! Sharing is so very hard. But since you came first, you will always have an extra-special spot in Not-The-Mama's heart.

  4. We hear you, Spooker! But we've adjusted. And we have even come to like each other. Most of the time, anyway. And can we ever get into more mischief with so many minds working on ideas.

  5. Spooker, we have never been only cats so we can't imagine what it was like, but it sounds kinda lonely to us. I mean beans are no good at washing your ears or playing thundering herd of elephants. ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

    Spooker, I am an only doggie and I am lonsome. If your invaders (cats) would like me they could come live in my doghouse with me. ~Fenris

  6. Oh dear, I feel for you, Spooker. But you are Senior Kitty and that is a furry important job keeping everyone in line!

  7. I would have hated to share if I hadn't always been a group cat. I can't imagine the horror of having less attention than what one is used to. Fortunately, I am so deprived that really, I take anything... Sniff

    Cheysuli... doing her finest Yao-lin impression (which is pretty darned fine indeed)

  8. I know how you feel sort of Spooker. I would be just fine to be an only cat. I could sleep in peace, and not get chased. Ash is kind of growing on me, like other kitties have.


  9. Dear Spooker, even though I have never been an only cat, I understand how you feel. Life has never been the same since those two little vixens Ellie and Allie came to live with us. I used to be THE lady of the house and then those two showed up. Hissssssss


  10. Poor Spooker! None of us knows what's it like to be an only kitty. In some ways it sounds nice, but, we don't know what we would do without each other.

  11. Spooker,I know just how you feel!! I was 13 when Mom adopted my sisfurs. They were 3 at the time. At least I get to live in Mom's room and can come out if I want to!!
    I am not about to play with them either!!
    Purrs Mickey

  12. I never thought of it that way. I am the center of the universe here. I like being an only kittie. I know mum sometimes has thought about getting another kittie, but hasn't done it. Yet.

  13. Anonymous1:42 AM

    I sorry Spooker thats you has to share Not the Mama. I am sures you are loved very much though.

  14. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Now, now - you really should get friendlier with the other fur-babies - they will give you lots of luvies if you let them (tho Not The Mama's are the best luvies, we know)

  15. It's eerie how similar our stories are, Spooker. I'll be 12 this year and Mom has thrust 3 kittens on me in 6 years. Did I ask for them...NO! But, as usual, I did my best to raise them. Now, all I ask is some peace & quiet in my geezerhood. That's all we Senior cats expect, right?!



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