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Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Box Pictures, Images and Photos

  • We have a coupon for $5 OFF a Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Litter System (expires 12/31/09) - if anyone wants it, send us an e-mail (purr2dream at gmail dot com) with your snail mail address and we'll get it out to you!
  • Miss Peach's LapDaddy is home!  Yay!  But Miss Peach isn't doing so well, so we're sending her lots of purrayers!
  • We found out via Twitter that Daisy has a cold.  Hope she is taking some Lysine (that's what we get when one of us has a cold), and that she's feeling better SOON!
  • We are out of Party Mix!  Little Isis won't eat Temptations (can you believe it?!?) but once in a while she likes some Friskie's Party Mix, so Not The Mama is off to do some shopping!

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Mo and The Purries


  1. I am sure someone will want that coupon for the Breeze. Once we finally decided to use it, the Woman loves it.

  2. Thanks for your get well thoughts! I am feeling miserable :(

    We have some extra-good stuff called Liquid Immuno that has pharmaceutical grade lysine and some other good stuff that I'm taking. We got it for Harley to help his immune system.

  3. I hope Little Isis gets her Party Mix.

  4. Little Isis doesn't eat Temptations!! What the??

    That is our absolute favorite.

  5. Do you cats use Breeze?

    Thinking of trying it, but a little afraid.


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