Boo Boo Window

Jazper is not the only shop cat in Dowagiac.  Just down the street from The Wren's Nest is Booth's Country Florist, where Boo Boo Kitty resides.  Here he is in their display window.  Don't you think he looks like he could be Spooker's long-lost brother?
Boo recently was at the vet's - he had ingested a piece of ribbon!  After living in the florist shop for years, one night he decided to play with a piece of ribbon and ended up eating it!  Fortunately, at the vet's, they were able to make the ribbon pass through his system, and he didn't have to have surgery!  We're very happy to report that our friend Boo is now back home at work, and doing well!
Are there any shop kitties in your town that you see in their display windows?

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  1. Congratulations! You have a nice blog.

  2. I don't know of any shop kitties, but we do have some shop wolfies.

  3. Hello Boo Boo!! Over here, we don't have any shop kitties other than those who are looking for new homes. Mommy usually see them when she pass by vet's clinic. There is one kitty who lives in a pet shop but he is not for sale! His job is to greet customers and to make sure everyone pays. LOL ...

  4. Boo Boo looks like a good shop kitty. We don't have any of the sort of shops that would have a shop kitty where I live. But I wish we did!

  5. WOW!! BooBoo does look like Spooker :)
    Good thing he was able to pass that ribbon :O
    Good to see him on the job. We must confess though...Isis is cuter in the window,heehee
    Now,Mom will keep her eyes open for working window kitties :)
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  6. I am glad that Boo is okay! What a scare. He does look a bit like Spooker!

  7. Boo is a bigger, beefier version of Spooker!
    We have several "shop cats" at a nursery I like to visit. There used to be a fantastic antique store that had a standard size poodle and a beautiful cat. If you let them know you were an animal lover, they'd follow all over the shop with you...

  8. Thank goodness BooBoo is okay!!!!!


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