Finally Friday with Jaz

Finally Friday Jaz

Next Friday, June 19th is gonna be International Box Day on the cat blogs!  Anyone with a picture of a cat in or on or near a box is welcome to participate!

The wonderfully talented Ann from Zoolatry
made the Box Day graphics!
Thanks, Ann!
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Mo and The Purries


  1. We are planning some box pictures! But we are demandin treats to pose in them.

  2. This is gonna be such a kewel event! Alla' da kittiez an' alla' da boxes! I think I heard a couple of kittiez menshun grocery bags, too☺

  3. We haven't got any recent ones. Only Sandusky and Spooky likes the boxes

  4. hmm... We have Gemini in a box. More Gemini in a box... but no Chey in a Maybe I can't participate...

  5. Yay, box day! I guess I will have to try and coax the cats into a box, and convince them to stay while I take a picture - they love boxes but it is almost impossible to get a picture!

  6. we didn't know there was an Intl Box Day , woohoo ~ The FLUffy Tribe


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