New Collars

red collar isis

Pete, Spooker, Jazper, and Little Isis got new collars this past weekend.
Dr. Foster and Smith are having a sale on their brass engraved name tags that rivet to the collar, so I got some for the Purries.  Daphne and Chloe are getting collars from Fresh Step's My Paw Points program, but they haven't arrived yet.
Eyad's favorite colors are black and red, so I got Isis a red collar to go with her black fur, to greet her new Daddy when he comes here to live with us.  You can see the newest pic of Isis above, with her new red collar.
Jazper doesn't seem to mind his collar, but Spooker absolutely hates hers.  She got it off and hid it somewhere.
Pete's not crazy about his either - but he hasn't figured out how to hide it yet, so it keeps getting put back on.  The 'safety' catch on his seems very loose - just a light tug will take it off, but Eyad is bringing him a new collar, so this one is just a 'training' collar.
My plan is to get all the Purries micro-chipped also - I wonder if Dr. Butts does a group discount on them?


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Mo and The Purries


  1. Aw how sweet my love
    its So Great she look so Adorable hehe and i cant wait to hug her :D

    and cant wait to give Petey and Isis their new Tags :D and Collar

    We just Cute Family Arent we :D

    ~ Yours

  2. Mo, She's a beautiful kitty kat and even more beautiful with that RED collar! :)

  3. Little Isis looks adorable in her red collar. And I am again amazed at her luminous eyes!

  4. The dark fur just sets off the red of the collar -- makes it a fashion statement!

  5. What a beautiful kitty! The red collar looks lovely on her.
    I bought collars for my two boys, but still haven't put them on.
    They probably won't be happy. :-( They're used to being all natural and accessory free.

  6. You look so beautiful in you red red collar! How perfect for you!

  7. Red is definitely your color!

  8. Wowie wow!!! Little Isis is a beautiful kitty girl ...


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