Jack & Bella Update

Sorry for no new kitten pictures.
I swear, I've never been around two kittens who are so scairt-and-hidey-all-the-time. Yesterday, the only way I knew they were still alive was that the food disappeared and the litter box got filled. When brushing my teeth last night, I was able to reach around the back of the cabinet and poke them both to make sure both were still kickin' it.
This morning, there was a BIG mess in the bathroom and I saw two little grey blurs run into their hidey hole as I opened the door. I gave them stinky goodness, and while I was in the shower, I was able to peek out and see them both eat.
Afterwards, as I was brushing my teeth, Jack came out and walked over to me and meowed. I was very surprised. I bent down and scratched his back. He let me, so I picked him up and he let me scratch his forehead for a few minutes. During this time, Bella stuck her head out from under the cabinet and looked at me.
I put Jack down and he went over the the food dish, and Bella came out to join him.
Hopefully this is progress and tonight I will try to get some pictures and some contact time. I think they need to be less shy and less scairt before they can be adopted, don't you? Plus, I need to get some pics of them together so I can make "Adopt Us" posters!

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Mo and The Purries


  1. We have no doubt that you will have them set to rights in no time!

  2. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Yes, need to socialize them a bit before they get set in their ways of not trusting. They'll come around soon enough, they're young enough to learn...Bless you.

  3. Poor little ones. It sounds like they are starting to trust you a bit.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  4. Ah, memories. Cocoa and Midnight were like that at first. We had to catch them and teach them about play and cuddles, otherwise they'd go hide. The plan was to socialize them and then find a home for them. Two days later, when we caught their "difficult" sister, Grr, we had a problem. Grr probably wouldn't be adoptable for a long time, if ever, and it seemed sad to break up the family. Good thing you haven't found a "Grr" sibling. These two should be very adoptable soon. Purrs!

  5. It takes time. Skeeter an me hid unner a hole in the cabinets fer days (in our separate years) until we werent afraid annymore. Ayla an Iza were braver cause they were older an been aroun beins longer.


  6. I am sure they aren't used to being inside and all of the extra stuff. I am sure they will come around.

  7. Oh, kitties and Not-the-Mama, it's so good to see you again! We've been away from blogging for 4 months taking care of our very sick mom, and we've missed you so much!

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Rocky & staff

  8. Take the time to socialize them so they will be all cute and social when they meet their forever family. As long as they are scairt, silly humans might shy away from them. I bet it won't take too long for them to figure out humans are cool.

  9. Gemini used to hiss at me from behind the toilet when she was first adopted. Then we'd put food on a finger and she'd tried to eat the finger and gradually come out to eat, purring the whole time. We used to laugh at her for hissing and then purring!

  10. I'm sure you'll have them cuddling in no time. You are doing a nice thing.

  11. How are the rest of the purries doing with two little ones in the house?

  12. Thanks to you and Bessie for rescuing these little ones. It seems like the 2 of them keep each other company nicely, and young Jack will be a good influence on his sister. Purrs to help you find them a home together,


    Gypsy & Tasha

  13. Best of luck with finding homes. These little strays need someone to care. We have a new one petitioning for admittance to the family. Can't take in cat number five, so need to find her a good place to live.

  14. Skeeter and LC were both hidey-kittens for several days. It took a lot to lure them out for attention. Ayla and Iza took me over the minute they came into the house. It varies...

    The Big Thing


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