We missed Halloween...


NTM was too busy to blog for us during Halloween-time, but he did make a couple pictures for that week that never got posted here. I reminded him to get his act together today, and here are the pics.
The top one is of Daphne, where a blurry pic was put into 'chrome' and then sepia-ized, and the bottom picture is of me, where he took my picture and put it into 'negative' and then layered a texture over it in Picnik. Pretty cool, huh?
Hope everyone had a safe Halloween, and are getting ready for the rest of the Holidays.
NTM says that with Jack & Bella, he probably won't decorate, but I'll see if I can convince him to at least put up a Christmas tree. I do so love to climb up in a Christmas tree!
Meow for now,

ghost kitty halloween

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Oh those are some spooky pics!!!

  2. Those are great Halloween pics!

    Mindy, Moe, Bon Bon, Cookie & Mike

  3. Those pictures are furry skeery!!

  4. Those are WAY cool pictures!

  5. You make a very good halloweeny cat! We were sorry to hear about your idaddy's cat--Momma was gone when you posted that so we were unable to tell him we were purring. But we were. Momma is not very good about being able to update stuff on her phone--even commenting on FB was iffy...


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