Jack's Home

Jack is home. He's fine, just walking a little funny.
He's ready to sing in the Kitty Christmas Choir now.
Of course, now he'll be singing in the Soprano section.
Meow for now,

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Mo and The Purries


  1. ello Jackie
    im glad you home
    i love you so much

  2. Oh Isis.. your dang horns are coming out the top of your head... be nice to Jack.. he is sore very sore... He doesn't want to sing for you anyway.. you sure have a big meow for such a tiny kitty.. Jack is remembering all these things your saying about him... be careful Isis...I hear him and Petey have been making plans... Bwahahahahahaha... Isis...oh Isis...here kitty kitty... LOL

  3. So very glad to hear it! Jack we
    are glad you found your way home!
    Purrs :)

  4. Jack,I am glad you are OK :)
    When you feel better,there is a little black cat just waiting to be chased .Get ready to give her a hard time as only a younger brofur can!!!! heehee
    Purrs Mickey

  5. We're glad you're home! Now you can have all da ice cream dats you want.

  6. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Poor Jack... now he's a eunuch...I'm glad he's okay... give him an ear scritch from me.

  7. Purrs to Jack...Nigel says he feels your pain.

  8. So glad Jack is home! Lots of healing purrs to him!

  9. Anonymous6:38 AM

    Miss Isis!! You cans talk about our weight, our voice and lots of other things, but you must never ever make fun of our man bits! Naughty girls!!

    I got your back, jack!~ I is a poet and don't know it! hehe
    (we are glad you are ok :))

  10. Happy you're back home, Jack........and lotza purrrrrrs for you.


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