Bella's Bio

Name: Bellatrix
Note: my original name was Bellatrix Fostorious, but I was TOO cute to just be a FOSTER and now me and my brother Jack are permanent PURRIES!  So, I petitioned and got the 'Fostorious' removed from my legal name!
Another Note: Oh yeah, and I am named after a great character in Harry Potter, not that silly girl from Twilight!
Birthday:  approximately June 23, 2009
Gotcha Day: August 10, 2009
Where I Came From: The alley behind The Wren's Nest in Michigan
Breed: Alley Cat!
Coloring: brown mackerel tabby with white feet and a spotless white bib
Nick-name Not The Mama calls me: ello Bella
Nick-name that iDaddy calls me: Bella Bella Cute Fella
Down-under: none of your bidness!
Relationship Status:  I love my brother, does that count?
Pet Peeve: that no one can truly appreciate my toxic gaseous emissions, except for me!
Favorite place to sleep in the living room: On the couch next to Daphne and NTM.
Favorite Things: belly rubs, back rubs, and being held by NTM
Favorite Treat: Temptations!
Favorite Toy: LAZER!  gotta get that dot!
Favorite Color: purple
Fun Fact: when Auntie Bessie and NTM rescued me, I was SO SCARED that I bited NTM's finger so hard it punctured his thumb nail when he caught me!  I do not think this was a 'fun fact' for him!

To see more pics of Bella (and her brother Jack) visit her photo set on Flickr.

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Mo and The Purries


  1. What a great bio, Bella! We loved learning more about you, cutie! Sorry to hear about the bite. Ouch that musta hurt! But, of course, you didn't mean it, you were just askeered! We are so glad you were gotcha'd into such a wonderful, loving home. Everycat should be so lucky.

  2. We loved reading your bio and getting to know more about you, Bella. YAY, that you found such a wonderful furever home. xxxxxx

  3. We know you were named for Harry Potter! She is a much better Bella to be named after!

  4. Bella, I am so glad that "Fostorious" is no longer your last name!

  5. I remember hearing about you on your "Gotcha Day"!

  6. Bella you are such a beautiful girl! We are glad that you and your brother found a wonderful home with NTM!


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