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I agreed to product-test Clean + Green's Litter Box spray.
A rep from SeaYu, the manufacturer of Clean + Green, contacted me, and asked if they could send samples. I figured it would be a couple little packets of cleaning product. What I received was THREE full-sized cans of cleaning product!
At $8.99 retail each, plus over $10 shipping marked on the label, that was the first thing that impressed me about this company: that they would send full-size items for trial.
I also love what they say about their product:

We're committed to making sure that all of our products are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and completely recyclable.
Easy on the environment and easy to use. Our unique Advanced Eliminator3 Formula(TM) doesn't just cover up the scent. It eliminates odors, deep cleans and removes stains -- everything you'd expect from the leader in all natural pet-cleaning products. So, breathe again.
Second, I love the nice clean "green" product artwork on the cans.  Each can is marked as recyclable,  contains NO CFC's, and MADE IN USA.

I received a can each of Litter Box, Carpet + Upholstery, and Wood + Tile.
Over the next few days, I will be trying each of the three cans.

Litter Box will be tried - well, guess where, plus in the trash can, because it sometimes has a lingering litter box (and coffee ground) odor.
Carpet + Upholstery will not only be tried on the carpet on some old cat pee stains (from when Spooker was pissed at me), but also in my car, whose upholstery can smell quite musty.
Wood + Tile will be tried on the bathroom floor.  A water heater leak has left an unpleasant odor in the bathroom closet - that has an ancient wood floor, and there's a pee smell on the linoleum around the toilet that bleach for some reason doesn't seem to conquer.

So, come back over the next few days as I try these products and post my findings.  Even though I am impressed thus far with the company,  I can be quite a critic and promise honest reviews.
Not The Mama

SeaYu products are available at Amazon but you can also find them at a store near you. If you're eco-conscious and want more information about Clean+Green or SeaYu Enterprises, check out their blog, their website, on TwitterFacebook or even request a coupon!

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  1. Aw thats sweet from them to send you 3 full sized cans and im glad that helps the little boxes
    so now Chloe wont give you dirty look in the morning again hehehe !!

    love you my cute kids
    your iDaddy

  2. Oh nice! Look forward to reading your review on it. Love Eco-friendly products!

  3. What a great thing!

  4. We'll look forward to seeing what you think about them.


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