As I prepare for Daphne and Chloe's Gotcha Day Celebration this Friday, I have been reading some of our older posts.  Here's a story that always makes me smile:

Please note: this post is for mature audiences only.
It is rated MC-17

Which means Mature Cats - 17 weeks and over only.

Things you need to know before we get to the story:
The heated cat bed is on my bed, next to my pillow.
While Chloe is a very quiet cat, Daphne makes full use of her vocal range, including grunts, groans, audible sighs, and moans.
The other thing you need to know is that I, NTM (Not The Mama), am a very sound sleeper.  
Very little wakes me up once I'm asleep...

The MC-17 story:
The other night in bed, I am awakened by the sounds of moaning.  And licking. And moaning.
And it is the whoah-oh-whoah - that is good  - kind of moaning.
As I come into consciousness, I realize that these sounds are coming from my own bed...
I turn over, and in the dim light of the nightlight, I can make out the following sight to match the sounds:  
In the heated cat bed, Chloe has her front legs wrapped around Daphne's neck, and Chloe's face in plunged into Daphne's ear.  Chloe is luxuriously licking deep within her sister's ear.  Daphne's eyes are rolled back in her head and she is purring and moaning.
And moaning, and moaning.
I shake my head at my nocturnal companions, and realize I should be glad at least one of us is gettin' some.
As I roll over and pull the comforter up over my ears, I also realize:
Chloe must really give good ear.


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Mo and The Purries


  1. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Yup, glad one of us is getting some... LOL!

  2. ROTFL!!!!

    Often the boys will sleep on the bed with me and one of them (Nicki) sometimes starts a grooming session, which degenerates into a wrasslin' match within seconds. I, however, am NOT a sound sleeper, so they always disturb me.

    No one makes those kinds of moans and groans, though. Too funny!

  3. You are funny! We've never heard that in our house--like anyone would let anyone else get that close... (the cats I mean)

  4. That was a very kinda misleading story in a funny way. Great job.

  5. Hoo Boy! Mommy is cracking up! We don't get it...naturally getting a good ear clean feels great--what's wrong with a little vocal encouragement?
    xx lounge kats

  6. I would not trust Harley anywhere near my ear!

  7. Great, funny story, we loved it!...We need to come over and check out Chloe's technique!!MOL...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. I, on the other hand, sleep as soundly as a guttering candle. Every time a cat hops on or off the bed or plays with a rattley mouse in the next room, I wake up.

    But at least when Ayla and Iza groom each other, they stay quiet about it. Until an ear gets nibbled and a wrasslin match breaks out...

    The Big Thing

  9. My momma Ellie gives good ear...but not THAT good!


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