Happy World Cat Day

Spooker wants you to know she reminded me that EVERY day is World Cat Day.
But we're celebrating extra today.
Pete is singing in the now-empty entry hallway - we think he likes the sound of his voice as it echoes.
And today someone is coming to visit Jazper, hopefully to adopt him.  That would be perfect if he gets a new home on World Cat Day.
NTM & iDaddy

Update @ 2:40pm = Jaz was adopted today by a lovely young couple who can give him a loving home as an Only Cat.  It was the hardest thing to say good-bye, but the best for him.
Thanks for your support, everyone.
NTM & iDaddy

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Happy World Cat Day!

    Oh, paws crossed for Jazper, it would be fantastic if he were adopted into the right home today. We hope for a happy update later!

  2. Happy World Cat Day. YEAH! For Jazper. I know this is hard for you but we have no doubt that these people will love him so much and that will allow you to spread around your affection for all those other gorgeous felines!

  3. Happy World Cat Day! We are thrilled for Jazper, and we have all 48 paws crossed that he will be a happier boy as an Only Cat.


  4. (((hugs))) for Jazper, what a wonderful thing to have happen for him!

  5. Happy World Cat Day friends...It must have been fate for Jazper to be adopted today; we know it is bittersweet for you guys though...We hope that beautiful boy has a long, wonderful life with his new family...Sending big hugs to NTM and iDaddy...xoxo...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. Anonymous7:54 PM

    I know that Jaz will be thrilled to be the one and only (super-spoiled) kitty. I know you'll miss your boy... Hugs to y'all

  7. Jazper, I am wishing you much happiness in your new Forever home! Being an only cat will be cool!


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