National Feral Cat Day:
Gracie & Ramses

In honor of National Feral Cat Day, I want to introduce you to two of the kitties that are in our new neighborhood in Florida.  NTM says he doesn't know if these two are really feral or not - they hang around the doorway of the lady who lives next door, meowing at her door at night and we think she feeds them, but we're not sure they ever get to go inside.  NTM has put a bird bath on the ground, to the left of the sidewalk you see in the picture above, so that they can get a drink of fresh water any time they want.  And so I can watch them drink from my window in the office, too!
The grey girl kitty we call Gracie, named after our friend Gracie from the Daily G's.  The black kitty is all boy (if you know what I mean... in the un-altered sense of being a boy kitty) and since NTM seems to think he'd make a great boyfriend for me (what the hell is he thinking?), he is calling this neighborhood lothario Ramses.  Now, since I am Isis and if NTM really knows his Egyptian mythology like he seems to think he does, it would have made more sense to call this black kitty Osiris, because that was the name of Isis's husband.  
For the name Ramses to work, then I should be called Nefertari, and I'm not changing my name to suit some big-balled hiss-in-your-face scamp.
Anyway, on cool evenings, NTM opens up our screen door to let in some fresh air, and we get to watch Gracie and Ramses in our courtyard.  Gracie likes to lie on the wall between the duplex houses, but sometimes Ramses will come right up and put his nose on the other side of the screen door.  My brother Pete growls real loud when that happens and lots of hissing ensues.  Here's a picture of Bella and Pete, watching for Ramses.

Like I said, we're not really sure if Ramses and Gracie are really feral, but they don't have collars and the lady in the other side of our duplex doesn't seem to let them inside, so we think they are.  They're sleek but definitely not starving, so right now NTM isn't putting food out for them.  He says we're lucky to get treats since he hasn't gotten paid yet, so I'm not ready to share any of MY Party Mix or kibble with these guys.  But since it's so dry here (we haven't had a drop of rain in over three weeks) and so I don't begrudge them being able to get a drink of water since they can't come in and be in the air conditioning like us.
So, these are the two kitties we're recognizing for National Feral Cats day.  NTM is gonna try to meet the lady next door to make sure they're getting fed regularly, so we don't worry about them.  
Meow for now,

To find out more about National Feral Cat Day, please visit Alley Cat Allies. ~ NTM

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Gracie is flattered to have a namesake!

    We hope they never have the hungrumblies! It was so nice of NTM to put out a birdbath for you... er, for them!

  2. Um... we're thinking about how soft hearted NTM is with kitties and are waiting to hear how the rest of this story goes... :)!

  3. Anonymous2:29 PM

    NTM is sweet to look after these two... I can't wait to hear how this unfolds. Ramses does look quite handsome there... and Gracie is perfect for the other kitty!

  4. big balled hiss in your face scamp

    I nearly choked on a crunchy reading that... heh...

  5. Ditto what Max wrote. :-D

    We're wondering if there is a TNR group in the area that could trap them and alter them. Especially Ramses, since it's a quick operation in boys. And at least he wouldn't be contributing to feline overpopulation. He must be fathering quite a few kittens!

  6. We agree on the NTR idea. But only after checkin with the next door lady first...

  7. That is so nice of NTM to look out for those two kitties.

  8. It's nice of your humans to feed these sweet little ones.

  9. That's very nice of NTM and your kitties to look out for these two...I (Tasha) like your attitude Isis to Ramses...No one pushes you around! Hope Ramses gets to have an op one way or another real soon...


    Tasha & Gypsy

  10. That sure is nice of NTR to take such good care of Ramses and Gracie! :) We, like Kea, hope a TNR group can help out with Ramses...

  11. NTM is being so very good to those outside poodins! Here's hoping that the lady can touch them and that they aren't truly feral!

    Luf, Us


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